How Managers Can Learn to Be More Personable in the Workplace

One of the biggest challenges of management is developing connections with everyone on a consistent basis. This calls for managers to be more personable toward their employees. The main reason people leave their jobs is because of poor management, or a lack of communication between the employee and their manager. A good manager is one who can build relationships in a reliable and safe manner.

Be Approachable

The key to enticing positive interactions between a manager and an employee involves the ability to be approachable. An employee will shy away from a manager who always seems on edge and stressed out.

Positive relationships between management and employees is fundamental in building a successful and productive workplace. If the connection does not exist between management and employees, the chances of indifference toward the job increases. MindTools teaches that if a manager is not approachable, the employee will lose their self-esteem and stop caring about their job. Eventually, the employee may decide to quit because of not having a positive, productive relationship with their manager.

Do a Gemba Walk

Gemba is a Japanese word defined as “the actual place”. In business, the ideal place is where value is found and in manufacturing, the location is the factory floor. A walk of the gemba, or business locations, is an opportunity for managers to stand back from their daily tasks and walk the floor of their workplace in order to identify wasteful activities.

5S Today advises that learning how to conduct a Gemba walk is a process that can help you learn how to identify problems and ask the right questions. A Gemba Walk allows the manager to connect with their employees, engage in conversations and share positive feedback. It is also a way to conduct a search of what may be needed in safety supplies. During a Gemba Walk, it’s important to take notes and document anything that can be perceived as waste. It also provides an opportunity to see what can be improved in the workplace.

Prioritize Employee Engagement

As a manager, it is critical to maintain employee engagement. How does a manager perform this important task? By simply asking questions. Getting feedback from employees on processes and procedures is an excellent way to build relationships and attain knowledge.

According to Scott Halford, a good manager is supported by good employees, and the way to produce thoughtful and caring employees is to involve them in feedback sessions, round table discussions, meetings, and presentations. Ideas on safety devices can help enhance the level of security employees feel in the workplace. A manager may even have employees help them create a presentation to higher levels of authority within the business. In all, it’s a perfect chance for a manager to become more personable with their employees.

The challenge of being personable takes flexibility, tolerance, and patience. Managers should attempt to exhibit all three of these traits in order to communicate better and build strong, positive connections with their employees. A manager with integrity will rely on their employees to provide feedback and ideas, sparking the engagement that makes a workplace safe, productive and successful.

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