One-to-One Executive Support

One-to-One Executive Support

“It’s like having a personal trainer, only it’s for your career.”

Anke Mulder

In my experience, C-Suite Executives are just as likely — if not more likely — to experience imposter syndrome about their messaging, have sleepless doubts about strategy, and worry about corporate politics than anyone else in the organization.

Being in the C-Suite is both a tremendous honor and a tremendous responsibility. And the very good ones (the ones who often struggle to sleep at various parts of the night) are well aware of both. C-Suite executives are counterbalancing moving parts: BOD, employees, shareholders, their own families, compensation-incentives and more.

Decision making, therefore, is never straight forward or easy — and is often a matter of taking the time to detail all of the factors in a decision, and weigh them effectively for the short and long term.

Many executives can’t do that inside their own organizations because, like it or not, everyone at the table has a bias toward outcomes.

Navigating your day as an executive is challenging. You’re trying to get results – in fact, you MUST get results. And if that’s not enough, you also have to navigate the BOD, create psychological safety for your teams, remain aware of diversity and inclusion, communicate your vision clearly, connect with people in a meaningful way and inspire others to help you achieve your goals.

That’s where I come in. Hi, I’m Cynthia. I’m a former C-Suite Executive who has spent the last 12 years of my career coaching C-Suites and high potentials. 

Having worked with leaders for over 12 years in my consultancy, previous to which I was the VP of HR at a national engineering company, I’ve learned that the struggles that leaders face across all industries and company sizes are largely the same, and driven by two main factors: 

  1. Making good decisions from available data.
  2. Communicating the depth of thinking behind the decisions. 

Most leaders, I’ve found, doubt themselves on one or both metrics. After over 3200 hours of Executive Coaching, I’ve learned that there is a system for both, and when that system is internalized, it is trustworthy and stress-reducing. 

C-Suite Executives aren’t always aware of the vast amount of subconscious data available to them. It’s a treasure trove of information that informs the best decisions, but it often conflicts with our ability to communicate that decision to multiple stakeholders. So, we stay stuck.

 By going through a process of Executive Coaching, we learn how uncover this subconscious knowledge, remove the blind spots that keep it hidden, and then how communicate it to others.

Through coaching we learn to detail  our reflections and analysis on all the risk factors of a decision. That’s an important skill, and it’s what provides the best opportunity to create buy-in, create better culture, and if not get total agreement from all stakeholders, have, at the very least, complete and transparent understanding.

Emotional triggers, fast thinking, reacting instead of responding… they can all derail a leader’s career. But, we can’t stop those things from happening until we understand why they’re happening.

Leadership is a discipline. We are taught to master it on the surface; but results come from mastering it at the core. Leaders who CARE to Lead® get this. And they’re willing to do the work necessary to achieve it.  And the best part is that once a leader understands this for himself, he naturally becomes more empathetic and emotionally intelligent when dealing with his team. 


If you’re in the C-Suite,

(or you’re a high potential executive) and you want to exceed even your own expectations, congratulations! You’re my kind of people. Let’s complete an application and schedule a call. My executive coaching is by invitation or referral only, so the application and the call determine for both of us if now is the time for you to embark on this journey. 

If you’re a CEO

and you want your entire executive team to thrive, I work with the group as a whole and at the same time I work with each member of the team individually. Together we create the most functional executive team possible and eliminate the everyday team dysfunctions that are common in most organizations.

All coaching will follow the CARE to Lead® philosophy and include the pillars of Clarity, Authenticity, Responsibility, and Engagement. However, at this level the pillars are weaved directly into your current circumstances. The pillars serve as an underpinning, but the coaching is based on you and the specific challenges that you and your team are facing.