Uncover Blind Spots


Supercharge Your Strengths

Impact Your Bottom Line

Are you tired of the overwhelm?

You’re working harder and reaching higher, but you’re still feeling burned out and exhausted. You’re making progress, but it’s consuming your life. Meanwhile, everyone else makes it all look so easy.

It doesn’t have to stay that way…you shouldn’t have to sacrifice your health, family and well-being to achieve your goals.

You have what it takes. It shouldn’t have to be this hard. 

Start Doing What Works.

Uncover Blind Spots

People respond to their perception of you, not to your actual ability. What you don’t know can stop you in your tracks.

You’ll be armed with the most powerful knowledge of your career.


Supercharge Your Strengths

You’re a great leader. We’ll take your strongest skills and kick them up a notch. 

And give you new tools for even greater impact. 

Impact the Bottom Line

Learn to leverage your leadership skills in a way that directly targets the bottom line. 

And rise above the competition.  

Be the Leader That People WANT to Follow.

  • Empower your teams INSTEAD OF putting out fires.


  • Influence others INSTEAD OF micro managing.


  • Harness your time INSTEAD OF never having enough.


  • Enjoy your time off INSTEAD OF stressing about work.


Here’s How We’ll Make it Happen

1. Get the Complete Picture

With assessments & interviews we’ll uncover blindspots. And, dig deep to find  hidden barriers to your success. 

Together, we’ll unpack the connection between the leader  you are inside…and the leader people see


2. Supercharge Strengths

Building on your existing strengths, we’ll grow your impact and influence using proven methods.

You’ll learn new tools that will allow you to get the results you need from the people you count on. 

3. Impact the Bottom Line

Propel your career to a new whole new pay scale. 

You’ll boost revenue and shatter records. Reaching goals you never thought possible. 


Look. I’ve been where you are. And I know you’re frustrated…

…navigating cumbersome hierarchies and difficult political structures…
…dealing with deadlines and staying on budget…
…communicating through organizational silos…

You’re headed for the top—or you’re already there—but turbulence is often the price of flying high.

I’m here to tell you—you don’t have to waste precious time navigating the challenges alone.


I’m Cynthia. For over 20 years, I’ve worked with professionals just like you. First, as an executive level HR leader, and now as a coach. 

I’m not here to “fix” you. You don’t need fixing.

I’m not here to tell you to “work harder.” You already do that.  

I’m here to help you have more impact, in less time, with greater results. 

Here’s how exactly how we’ll make it happen.

1. First, we’ll uncover blind spots by assessing how others view you. This empowers you to increase your influence right from the start.

2. Next, supercharge your strengths. You’re already a great communicator. Together, we’ll supercharge those skills using proven techniques. And you’ll get greater results with less effort. 

3. Finally, I’ll show you how to take the tools you learn and directly impact the bottom line.  So you can reach your financial dreams sooner. 


“Working with Cynthia I have come to understand the difference between true leadership and merely management….”

H. Thomas Walsh, Principal

“Cynthia has really helped me grow as a leader at the office, but also as a husband and a father at home.”

Ryan Dunning, Principal

“Cynthia’s ability to encourage and support… produces a desire to want to perform to your own highest abilities. …She has an honest interest in helping others achieve personal and professional success.”

Dave Gass, Manager

“Cynthia is all business, knows what she is talking about, isn’t afraid to be brutally honest, and does what she says she will do.”

Jeff Holmes, President

“Cynthia understands people, is extremely trustworthy, and works tirelessly to ensure clients are successful. I feel like there are many coaches out there with varying levels of expertise; Cynthia has deep business experience and truly brings a perspective for many managers in technical and non-technical areas to put it all together. My advice? Hire her- will be one of the best decisions you can make.”

Ted Curran, Senior Director

Are you ready for the results you’ve been working for?

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