Achieve proven results in 15 essential categories of leadership.


How do others view you as a leader? Are you aware?

Most leaders are unaware of the real perspective that others have on them, as well as the impact that this perception has on the bottom line. Sometimes, we “don’t know what we don’t know” about ourselves. It takes an objective person to reflect back our blind spots.

Our work together will help you truly understand who you are as a leader. As you discover your own brilliance through our coaching relationship, I will spotlight ways in which you can turn strong leadership practices into transformational leadership skills.

My coaching has a proven track record of inspiring C-suite executives, entrepreneurs, and senior-level managers to improve their self-awareness (measurable through 360s), which enables them to make quantifiable improvements in 15 areas of leadership—areas they weren’t even aware they were lacking in, or that could be improved on—like trust building, adaptability, goal directedness, interpersonal relations and persuasiveness.

Why choose coaching?

Because it works. According to studies by HBR and other executives and companies, coaching adds value in ways that are invaluable. My coaching model based on the 15 essential categories of leadership result in:

Greater employee engagement
Increased productivity
Improved retention / less turnover
Enhanced communication at all organizational levels
Better work/life balance with less stress
Solid succession planning
Improved self-management, self-awareness and emotional intelligence

“Leading” a better life.

Yes, when you work with me as your coach, you will get solid results that will impact your organization and its bottom line. Yet the rewards will go deeper as you learn to use your own gifts with new approaches that are both personally gratifying and outwardly profitable.

Most importantly, you will walk away from our engagement with a new way of being. Your work will be aligned with your personal values, your life purpose will be well defined, and who you are as a leader will be different than who you are now.

This is what I call “authentic leadership.” Being authentic isn’t just a buzz phrase. It’s a leadership style based on your personal values, your purpose and your mission—both living (in your personal life) and leading (in your career) from a place of fulfillment.

Roadblocks will be eliminated, clearing the way for you to achieve goals that you never imagined were possible. Best of all, you will have balance, peace, and even more time to enjoy life. If you are an executive looking for all of these things, or an individual wanting to claim your own excellence, call or email me today to arrange a free consultation.

Using a coach increases your productivity:


Authentic Leadership for Analytical Minds