A Trusted Partner for Professionals Who Don’t Accept Achievement Ceilings

The view from the top can be lonely… but it doesn’t have to be! See, the true power of high-performance coaching resides in the relationship.

Imagine having an experienced partner in your corner. Someone who knows what it’s really like to hold a world of responsibility in your hands. Someone who knows who YOU really are.

And who keeps you accountable to the standards you’ve set in your most ambitious moments.

Did You Know Only 10% Of a Leader’s Results Come from External Factors?

Yes, an astounding 90% of impact is based on “intangibles” like thoughts, moods, and emotions!

How you lead, and the results you get, depend largely on hidden forces that drive behavior. Emotional intelligence. Your responses to the environment. Habits of thought, fear of change, and unconscious biases, and invisible blind spots.

As much as we want to believe our rational minds hold sway in business, the above factors dominate your daily, monthly, and annual results.

Co-Active Executive Coaching Gives You Tools to Navigate These Murky Waters.

You’ve already done so much on your own. Your success is why we’re having this conversation.

As an NLP Master Practitioner, I provide the tools to take your talent further. We’ll work together, one-on-one, to uncover hidden blind spots, root out opportunities for growth, and create the space to love your life again.

You’ll learn to see things in a way that others don’t. Accomplish things others won’t.

And build the success habits needed to improve your influence and impact without added stress or sleepless nights.

Just A Few Ways I Can Help:

Focus on Internal Markers

You have the technical skills to do your job; leadership success goes deeper. We’ll use tools from advanced Neuro-Linguistic Programming to spark internal change fast.

Get Accelerated Results

Even the best leaders struggle to maximize their days…let alone the time of people they count on. Embrace new strategies to accomplish more with less time (and fewer resources).

Navigate the Politics

The smoothest rise to the top begins with a communication style that accomplishes important objectives without creating negative emotional responses in the people around you.

Increase Leadership Value

Boost employee engagement, multiply team productivity, learn to harness influence properly instead of waiting for things to happen.

Improve Bottom Line

Save money on new hires. Gain respect from subordinates, peers, superiors. Raise your income bracket and get the next promotions first.

Take Your Life Back

Finally strike the elusive balance of work and home life (yes, it’s 100% possible). Be more available to family and enjoy days off without stressing about work.

Greater Presence & Control

Use NLP and proven performance psychology to control your emotions, communicate more efficiently, master your EQ, and all-around step up your game.

Raise Productivity by 30%-40%

Personal/ professional productivity training. Get more from every hour, use a time management plan that works, and protect your energy and attention.


“Working with Cynthia I have come to understand the difference between true leadership and merely management. Her insight has allowed me to look at interpersonal relations in new ways that I hadn’t considered before. Cynthia helped me become a better leader in a short time.”

H. Thomas Walsh, Principal

Cynthia has provided me with tools to dismantle fears that have been holding me back, define core values and career attributes that I align with, and honor my strengths. Turns out, I have a lot of skills and strengths that I didn’t realize!

-Lindsey Lear, DO

“I have worked with Cynthia as a client for the past year. Through our sessions I was able to find clarity in my vision and goals, both professionally and personally…Finally, and most importantly, Cynthia has helped me to know my value – acknowledge and identify the unique contributions that I make and not settle for less. ”

Stephanie G. Vanterpool MD, MBA, FASA

“Cynthia is all business, knows what she is talking about, isn’t afraid to be brutally honest, and does what she says she will do.”

Jeff Holmes, President

“Cynthia understands people, is extremely trustworthy, and works tirelessly to ensure clients are successful. I feel like there are many coaches out there with varying levels of expertise; Cynthia has deep business experience and truly brings a perspective for many managers in technical and non-technical areas to put it all together. My advice? Hire her- will be one of the best decisions you can make.”

Ted Curran, Senior Director

“Cynthia has really helped me grow as a leader at the office, but also as a husband and a father at home.” 

Ryan Dunning, Principal

3-Steps to Your Personalized Executive Solution


1. Discover Exactly Where You Are

Every individual I work with is different. We’ll use the best assessments & interview methodologies that exist to uncover your blindspots. Then dig deep to find hidden barriers holding you back from what you want to accomplish most.


2. Supercharge Your Strengths

We’ll devise a practical plan to work through these challenges while building on your existing strengths to strengthen your influence. I’ll help you construct personalized systems and success habits suited to your personality and work style so they stick.

3. Enjoy Your Life Again!

And that’s what it really comes down to. Success is meant to be enjoyed (or else what’s the point?). With a plan in place to empower your teams and yourself through efficient systems and consistent habits, you’ll finally have the mental space for a happy and healthy daily existence again!

Are You Ready to See the Results You’ve Always Wanted?

Schedule your discovery call today – it’s the first step in defining exactly what will work best for you. No commitment, no high-pressure sales pitches. I promise. 😊



Eliminate Burnout

Become 30 – 40% More Productive

Reduce stress


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Workshops and training

Reduce turnover by 60%


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