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70% of American workers are dis-engaged. And 52% say they’ll be looking for a new job THIS YEAR. That’s a problem, and it’s time we address it.

I’m passionate about employee engagement and have many years of experience inspiring, educating and entertaining live audiences. I would love the opportunity to speak to your organization, company or next event on CARE To Engage.

Cynthia’s Keynote Topic

CARE To Engage

Are disengaged teams costing you money and valuable time? The reality is, it’s costing American employers between $450 and $550 billion dollars per year. After 20 years in leadership roles and coaching executives, I know a culture of care builds engaged teams.

It’s time to rethink employee engagement. CARE To Engage is made up of four pillars for leaders to create employee engagement through Clarity, Authenticity, Responsibility and Encouragement.

Your Audience Will Learn:

  • Clarity goes deeper than creating a vision and providing instructions. Create clarity around the “why” to increase your team’s engagement, resulting in higher productivity.
  • Discover how to create trust by being authentic and honoring your core personal values.
  • Be inspired to take back power and control by accepting responsibility for outcomes. Responsibility is not blame, I’ll teach your leaders to understand the difference. 
  • To encourage the process, not just the outcomes. Without encouragement, fear, doubt and insecurity can impact your team.

Discover how to become the best leader you can be and inspire others by using the CARE To Engage system. Learn more about CARE To Engage.

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“Cynthia’s presentation was a great start for the day, guiding staff to identify their strengths, focus, and move forward in their personal development. Using her daily messaging resource and following her recommendations has been profitable for me personally.”

Laura McCurdy

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