Become the leader you’ve always wanted to be

1:1 Executive Mastery Coaching with Cynthia Corsetti

Are you a high-level leader who wants to invest in yourself and your own leadership prowess, so you can become the type of leader you’ve always dreamed of being?

Because let’s face it, for you this isn’t simply about money or the next promotion.

This is about building a legacy.

You’re not just scaling your career ladder for the sake of it.

You desire to leave a mark on everything you touch in your leadership journey.

And you want to do all that without giving up your personal life.

(Because you also want to see your kids grow up, spend time with your partner, travel, and enjoy a well-balanced life…)

At this point, you don’t need any more external qualifications to accomplish those things.

Instead, you’ve reached the point where you need internal mastery.

Think of 1:1 Executive Mastery Coaching as an MBA in the “soft skills” of your career.

Because you already put in the investment — the time, the finances — to master the technical skills you need for your job.

You already did that — so why would you stop now?

The bottom line is that mastering these “soft skills” will become the rock-solid foundation for your future success from this point forward.

Because even if you’re the smartest person in the room (with the best resume and the most accomplishments)…

If you neglect these “soft skills”, you’ll never be perceived as the superstar leader you want to be.

But if you hone, apply, and perfect these “soft skills”?

Then be prepared for your influence, prestige, and reputation as an industry thought leader to come to life.

Hear what my clients have to say:

“Working with Cynthia has definitely been beneficial. It’s changed my thinking, the way I approach my team, the way I approach the executive group, and the way I approach my job.”

David Kurywchak
VP of Customer Experience, SAE

Dustin Kuhlman

It’s been helpful with Cynthia that I could talk about situations in real time and in advance of actually having a difficult conversation. She’s flexible, one day we can talk about goals and the next about how to coach an employee.

President and CEO at Civil & Environmental Consultants, Inc.

Frank Menchaca
I have worked with Cynthia in several capacities: sending staff members to her for coaching and participating in it directly myself. In both instances, Cynthia’s values-based approach produced positive results. She guides those with whom she works to think broadly about their careers in ways that likely would not have achieved on their own.
C-suite leader in Sustainability and Innovation
Anke Mulder
It’s hard to put into words how big of an impact working with Cynthia has had. The way I show up during work meetings and increasingly high level leadership meetings is night and day different from the way I showed up previously.

Chief Technologist,
Research & Life Sciences
Hewlett Packard Enterprise

What does 1:1 Executive Mastery Coaching involve?

To be clear: there is no standard “one-size-fits-all” program here.

Every aspect of our work is bespoke, fully confidential, and expertly tailored to your unique situation, needs, and challenges.

Depending on your particular circumstances, we’ll dive deeply into one or more of the following areas of executive mastery:


Let’s face it: you wouldn’t have gotten to where you currently are as a leader without strong emotional intelligence.

But no matter how high you score on emotional intelligence, it can always be improved.

Our work around this will delve into nuanced issues such as microexpressions, body language, how you present to others, your ability to read the room, and more.

It will show you how to communicate on an even deeper and more effective level, so you can ensure that you’re always being understood the way you intend to be.

This will enable you to drive the narrative in terms of how you communicate, resulting in fewer misunderstandings and less misinterpretation by your colleagues.

And rest assured: we won’t be doing this in a way that involves you putting on some kind of facade.

Instead, this is about helping you to show up in a way that’s authentic AND that gets the results you intend, with minimum friction and pushback.


Part of your job — which you think about every day — involves boards, targets, results etc. But a huge part of your job is also about developing other people, and that’s not as easily tackled.

In every organization, there are employees who exhibit passive aggressiveness or bullying behaviors, or who act like victims.

As a leader, you have to be able to read and deal with all of these, navigating them with grace and precision from the leadership level you’re at.

You also need to develop the people under you: honing both your coaching and mentoring skills, and perfecting your ability to know when to use which.

We’ll work together on all the above, while also taking a fresh look at your internal core values and at what you stand for as a leader in your organization and beyond.

You’ll come away equipped to navigate sensitive interpersonal issues with more ease and eloquence — meaning: less workplace toxicity and conflict, and deepened workplace collaboration and relationships.


You’ve heard people talk about “blind spots”, but this work is more far-reaching than that.

Because every single one of us carries around a myriad of influences, experiences, and memories that impact our behaviors and actions.

These drivers also impact your leadership behaviors — and particularly, your decision-making processes — in ways that you don’t always see.

They often manifest in terms of: fears of failure, second-guessing, compulsions to overachieve, overthinking, internal doubts, and hesitation to delegate.

Too often, they also act as roadblocks to progress, because it takes time to get around them.

Our work will uncover these subconscious behavior drivers, and put you in charge of them, so they stop getting in your way and slowing them down.

If you’re ready for less second-guessing and to make better decisions faster, this aspect of our work will be a true game changer for you.

Who am I to work with you on this?

Hi, I’m Cynthia Corsetti and I’ve been coaching C-suite executives for nearly 13 years. Before that, I was a C-suite executive. I see you, I hear you, I get you.

The true value of what I do lies in relationships, so here’s a little bit about me: I’m an “off the charts” ENFP. For those unfamiliar with the infamous Myers-Briggs instrument, this means I get my energy from other people. And I have a gut instinct that never misses.

You might consider me a bit of an activist. Even in business, all people deserve to be treated with dignity and respect. I champion social justice and will go to the mat in its defense.

If you’re wondering why you should put your faith in me, good. You should! After all, I’m asking for your unwavering trust. Here’s a mini-resume.

  • Corporate Leadership Roles for Over 20 Years
  • Coaching Executives for the Past 13 Years
  • Over 3500 Hours of Executive Coaching
  • Unique & Effective Approach Proven to Get Clients Results
  • Bachelor of Science in Education
  • Master of Science in Organizational Leadership
  • Senior Professional in Human Resources, SHRM-SCP
  • Certified Myers Briggs Facilitator
  • Certified NLP Master Practitioner
  • Certified Professional Co-Active Coach
  • Certified Executive Coach
Dustin Kuhlman
Cynthia is the perfect support for any solopreneur who faces daily challenges running their business. She makes herself available should you need to run something by her or when you’re second guessing yourself. I really feel that Cynthia is now an essential part of my business.
Richard Haruni
Gemstone Supply Entrepreneur
Stephanie Vanterpool, MD
Working with Cynthia, Things started falling into place. What was the next step I needed to take? How could I continue to move forward? I didn’t even know exactly what my destination was when we started working together, but she helped me fin clarity, she helped me find an understanding of what I was trying to accomplish.
Targeted Pain Treatment Physician, Educator, Researcher
Brian Trybend
As an executive coach, she has been instrumental in helping me leverage my leadership skills and is providing great tools to take this to the next level.

Chief Financial Officer
SAE International

Brian Trybend
Working with Cynthia helped me first understand what I needed to do in this role, and helped me drive that to the team. She really helped me bring the team along with me.
Jay Solomond
PRI Executive Vice President & Chief Operating Officer

This is where we put the focus on you, the executive, and NOT just on your organization.

Because sure, this work can absolutely result in benefits to your organization, such as:

Increased revenue and profitability

Because as a more effective leader, you can make better business decisions, motivate your team to perform at their best, and drive growth for your organization, leading to increased revenue and profitability for your organization over time.

Improved productivity and efficiency

By prioritizing tasks, managing your time more effectively, and optimizing your workflow, you can increase your productivity and efficiency, which can translate into more output for your organization, saving them time and money in the long run.

Better employee retention

By investing in becoming a more effective leader, you also invest in the development of your team, helping you to create a more positive work environment that fosters employee satisfaction and retention, and minimizes churn and talent loss.

However, this work is also about enabling YOU to build your reputation and credibility as a thought leader in your industry.

Our work together is designed to help you step into a position where you have more influence, impact, and prestige than ever (while also enjoying the work-life balance you want).

Get in touch to discuss how we could make that happen for you with a 1:1 Executive Mastery Coaching Package.