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The “CARE to Engage” Productivity and Engagement System Can Help.

Discover A Proven Framework for Leading Staff To Peak Performance by Getting the Most Out of Each and Every Individual You Count On

Ever Feel Like They Only

Show Up For the Paycheck?

(It can happen no matter how many wins you’ve got under your belt.)

You do everything you can to make them feel valued and respected. Pay them handsomely for their time. Give them hours they want and benefits they love.

Yet stats show at least half of your employees may be looking for a new job right now!

And employees who do stick around…

Constantly tuned out, distracted, or half asleep at the wheel.

At Their Worst They

Actively Work Against You…

Once they’ve checked out, they refuse to take responsibility for their own actions…

Purposely sabotaging your efforts (as if to prove some point)…

And wearing lack of passion like a badge on their sleeve.

It’s hard not to take it all personal, right?

After, all, it’s YOUR job as a leader to get your team organized, fired up, and building value. So when it seems like all your efforts fall flat…

How can you NOT take the stress home and wallow in it?

As a driven leader, you’re not the type to point fingers and blame.

So what will it take to get your team on your level?

“Employee Engagement”: Much More Than A Fuzzy Word Thrown Around By HR

Think of it this way.

1) As a leader, you’re looking for your team members to grow…

2) As unsatisfied human beings who want a better life, your employees want professional roles that encourage their growth.

See a pattern here?

“Engagement” is really about making the intersection of these two goals more obvious!

And it’ll blow your mind how much you can achieve with your team once they:

✔️ Commit to personal responsibility for your company’s vision and goals…

✔️ Understand and respect you for who you really are…

✔️ Recognize their position as a worthy part of their long-term life plan…

✔️ Show up in the morning excited to go!

 “CARE to Engage” Is A System for Turning Underperforming Teams Into Integrated Achievement Machines…

(And It’s Shown to Reduce Turnover by 60%!)

How? Over 20 years in leadership roles and executive coaching, I’ve created a reliable process for making your team wake up and come to life by engaging them on multiple levels.

None of them are “optional.

You need to get them engaged in your core mission!

You need to get them engaged with your company values!

You need to get them engaged in their role within the organization!

You need to get them to engage with you as a leader and human being!

How to Make It Happen?

The solution is built on a four-pillar foundation:

C. A. R. E

Each pillar works together with the other three to create stronger teams, streamlined results, and ultimately rising revenues.

Pillar #1: Clarity

True clarity means your team knows the What, How, and Why of every single outcome they’re working towards in that moment.

Clarity is the master key to higher productivity, less unnecessary conflict or confusion, and fewer “mishaps.” Without this pillar, the CARE To Engage structure can’t stand on its own…

Pillar #2: Authenticity

If you want your team to trust and follow YOU…it makes sense to start with YOU, right?

But the consistency needed for true team loyalty is elusive when balancing the many competing interests that keep your company moving. On top of that, self-perception is often a world apart from how others perceive you.

CARE uses 360 assessments and team member interviews for an objective look at how a leader is really perceived. It can reveal uncomfortable truths, but you can’t fix what you won’t face!

Pillar #3: Responsibility

It’s impossible to control things you don’t take responsibility for…Taking ownership of outcomes means recognizing what went wrong, acknowledging your part, and finding solutions that change results. Once you build a culture of responsibility, outside circumstances can never drag your attention away from real problem-solving again.

And while this starts with leadership – the real trick is learning how to teach it to every member of your team!

Pillar #4: Encouragement

Providing feedback to team members the right way is what spurs them on and doubles their efforts. Without it, fear, doubt and insecurity grow and can eventually drag your whole organization down into knots…

Do you have a practice in place to ensure all team leaders use encouragement to guide individual members in the most proactive, productive way possible?

(Warning: It’s not something you can fake!).

Ready to Unlock Your

Team’s Full Potential?

I offer a variety of services based on the CARE system, including workshops, one-on-one coaching with leaders, keynote speeches, and more.

If you’re a leader who wants to take back control of your teams…

If you’re looking to inspire and educate your leadership team…

If you’re looking to learn more about the CARE philosophy…

Will You Be The Next

Success Story?

Kevin Kamp

Vice President P.E.

“Cynthia is more than a friendly sounding board, more than just a teacher, more than just someone to help assess communication skills, she is all of that and more.  Working with Cynthia has helped me engage my employees, enhanced my collaborative communication with them, and helped me better balance my obligations as a leader and the personal time that we all deserve.”