Are disengaged teams costing you money?

Does this sound familiar?

You’ve been in this leadership role for a while now, but maybe you’re starting to feel your team displays constant confusion around outcomes, lacks passion for the job and doesn’t take responsibility for their actions.

You’re busy, resources are tight and you simply don’t have the time to let another employee go to then retrain someone more suitable for the role.


But what if you could unlock a system to create change?


But tell me, do you…

  • Feel frustrated your team misunderstands your goals, purpose and priorities despite you providing regular direction?
  • Often find yourself faced with conflicting values and unsure of your leadership at times?
  • Play a constant blame game with some staff that leads to little progress?
  • Try everything to build momentum with your team on projects, but find things always falling flat?

And, of course, all of this leads to one clear outcome… LESS REVENUE!!


What if we stopped looking outward for solutions and instead found aha moments by first looking inwards?

Often, we can focus the blame on external factors when, in fact, there are internal issues we can’t even see.

I know this all too well myself. I was convinced as VP of HR I was the most open, friendly and awesome HR exec ever. You can relate, right?

Imagine my surprise when a 360 review revealed I was “unapproachable” to employees. Due to my $300 suits, perfectly manicured nails and always calm demeanour, employees found me intimidating.

The flow-on effect of this was poor communication, staff reluctant to confide in me and always waiting until the last minute to come to me with challenges – at which point things were already out of control.


Like me, you may think you have an engaged team. But do you really?

It’s time to RETHINK Employee Engagement!

CARE to Engage?

Four pillars for leaders to create employee engagement through Clarity, Authenticity, Responsibility and Encouragement.

What does CARE to Engage look like?


Are you clear on your objectives?


Do you honour your core, personal values?


Do you take ownership of outcomes?


Do you recognize your team’s efforts?

Let’s dive deeper…

CARE To Engage is made of up four pillars that each work together to build engagement which, in turn, builds strong teams and increase revenue.

1: Clarity

Creating clarity around your objectives ensures your team become more engaged and invested in the outcome, resulting in higher productivity, less conflict among staff and fewer accidents.

Clarity is the foundation of employee engagement. Without it, nothing else can be built.

But how do we go about it?

2: Authenticity

If you want your team to trust you and follow you, you must be authentic and honour your core personal values.

But leading authentically isn’t always easy, especially when we have competing interests from other parties and their agendas.

Then there’s the little matter of how others perceive us, which can often be far removed from reality.

How do we manage these and remain authentic?

3. Responsibility

When you take ownership of outcomes, you recognize what went wrong and acknowledge your part in it.

This isn’t always easy to do, as we’ve not been brought up this way. But by modelling this behavior, you avoid creating a disengaged team and ensure you remain in control.

But what is the right way to do this without losing respect in the eyes of your team or clients?

4. Encouragement

It’s important to provide feedback to team members that focuses on the process and efforts, not on the outcomes.

By consistently recognising a person’s efforts, it spurs them on. Without it, fear, doubt and insecurity can impact your team.

But what happens when you provide feedback, but it appears to fall on deaf ears or receives little gratitude?

Are you ready to CARE to Engage?

The CARE to Engage system means that when you

  • provide clarity around your vision and goals,
  • check in with your values to ensure you’re leading with authenticity,
  • commit to personal responsibility and
  • build long-term employee encouragement,

you achieve far more as a team.

As leaders, we are looking for our team members to grow.

As employees, they’re looking for roles that encourage their growth.

But are we leading in a way that facilitates that?

It’s time to RETHINK employee engagement.


CARE To Engage?

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Will you be the next success story?

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