5 Reasons to Stop Being Offended

5 Reasons to Stop Being Offended!

I jumped off the phone yesterday screaming to myself… stop being offended by everything!  Honestly, most of the time I can let things roll right off my back. 

However, sometimes… sometimes I just can’t! That pesky little ego takes over and causes me to behave in ways I’m not very proud of. Ways that are mostly out of character.

I don’t think I’m alone either. When someone says or does something hurtful, it’s easy to feel offended. In fact, we can find something offensive at least once a day.

But is it worth it? Instead of allowing yourself to fall into that trap, consider these five reasons to smile and choose to STOP being offended.

1. Most of the things that offend us really aren’t about us

A person’s outbursts or commentary are nothing more than their own inability to control their thought/mouth connection (or finger/post button connection). It is not a reflection on us; it is a reflection on them and their own insecurities.

I know that’s easy to understand from a distance and much more difficult when we’re in the situation. But knowing it does help. Remind yourself when you need to.

2. Anger and resentment create and attract more anger and resentment

Have you noticed that when something sets you off first thing in the morning, it ruins your entire day? It’s because you set the stage for negativity and the universe is all too happy to oblige. If you dwell on an offense, you create an energy that remains focused on negativity. Let it go. Focus on positive energy to attract positive circumstances.

Seriously, if you stay focused on the thing that offended you, it’s going to impact your entire day. All of it. Try focusing on gratitude to help move your mind to a more positive energy level.

3. Time is too valuable to waste on negative emotions

Life really is short, which is why you need to stop being offended. Each moment that you spend dwelling on something you have no control over takes time away from dwelling on the good in your life. You can only focus on one emotion at a time. Choose wisely.

4. Anger creates a victim mentality

It’s true that anger creates a victim mentality. It’s easy to feel sorry for yourself. You start to make a mental list of all the things you have to feel bad about. The mental list becomes the topic of your conversations with friends. And because your friends have empathy, they inadvertently add fuel to the fire. They validate why you should be offended.

If you do it often enough, suddenly everything that happens in your life causes you to feel more like a victim.

5. The offender has already forgotten what they did

When it’s all said and done, the person that offended you has already forgotten about whatever it was. You are still obsessing, ruminating, and dwelling, and they are out and about living their life as if nothing happened. They have let it go, so why can’t you?

There you have it; five very good reasons to let it roll off your back and carry on. Five reasons to smile instead of grimace. Next time you feel that blood start to boil, pick at least one of these reasons to stop, take a deep breath, smile, offer gratitude, and move on.

Ready to stop being offended?

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