Negative Thoughts Can Be Consuming

 Stop Negative Thoughts

Negative Thoughts Hold you back

We all strive to keep negative thoughts at bay. It is our goal to focus on positive things; but, sometimes it is a challenge to keep our minds from ruminating on things that bring us down. Here are three simple tools that you can use whenever those thoughts begin to creep in.

The minute you notice your mind going into the abyss of fear and worry, consciously choose the best tool for the situation and soon you will become proficient in remaining positive.

Validate your own self-worth. Negative thoughts often come from others. Do not allow the opinions of others to define you. It is easy to get caught up in the notion that we aren’t “good enough” or that we aren’t “slim enough,” or “smart enough.” But those are labels that others place on us and they simply are not reality.

You know better than anyone else what your gifts and talents are. When you start to get caught up in what others think of you, remember that only YOU can validate your worth. Do not give that power and privilege to others.

Notice Things Around You

Control your surroundings to attract positivity. If you continuously think negative thoughts, focus on being a victim, allow fear to consume you….you WILL attract those very things into your life. If you complain to your friends about everything in your life and they continually agree with you, you will, by default, remain miserable. Try not talking about your problems, but instead talk about the positive things that are in your life. Choose friends who want to build you up, not keep you in your negative mindset. Stop following negative people on social media, it brings you down and creates negative emotions. Create a peaceful environment in your home and office. Clutter can remind you of all the things you haven’t accomplished. Choose your surroundings and friends carefully.

Physical and Mental

Exercise your mind as you would your body. You cannot control what thoughts enter your mind, but you can control what you do with them.  Here is a simple meditation exercise that I often share with clients.  Often people find that it is best to practice this meditation first thing  in the morning. Imagine your thoughts on a conveyor belt. Each thought passes along in front of you on the belt. You can’t control which thoughts show up, but you can control which ones you choose to pick up off the belt and focus on. So, if a thought shows up that you know does not serve you well you can hold it for a brief moment and simply notice that it exists.  Once you recognize that it is an unhealthy thought, CHOOSE to place it back on the conveyor belt and let it continue on its way. This is a simple exercise that if practiced daily will help you train your brain to be in control of which thoughts you choose to focus on.

You’ve Got This

These three simple techniques can be practiced daily. Each of them will help train your brain to focus on the positive, stay out of the abyss, and help you make this year your most positive year ever!

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