Forgiveness Can Help you Reach Your Goals

Forgiveness Can Help you Reach Your Goals

Goal setting and forgiveness

Forgiveness usually doesn’t make us think of goal setting. But, do you achieve the goals you set? It seems that no matter how well intentioned we are, we are often unsuccessful. Perhaps we fail because the goals we set improve what we do, not who we are. Perhaps its time we learn to set a different kind of goal; one that will begin to heal our spirit and one that will create a change in us that is big enough to matter.

Forgiveness is a great example. Without it all of the actions we take in other areas of our lives are stifled. It is impossible to fully engage in any other goal if we are harboring anger, resentment, or regret. When we hold on to emotional hurts from our past we limit our ability to embrace our more tangible goals.  Our goal should first improve our spirit, and then we can improve our circumstances.

Forgiveness is sometimes difficult

It’s often difficult to truly forgive those who have hurt us the most. It is even difficult to forgive ourselves. Perhaps the easiest way is to begin to forgive the small infractions. Instead of getting angry when someone cuts us off in traffic, forgive them.  Anger will not resolve the issue so let it go. Forgive.

Forgive the lady at the grocery checkout station when she takes forever to ring up your order. Yes, you have a schedule, yes she is moving very slowly, but is allowing your blood to boil over really going to help the situation? Actually, it is the opposite. Your anger and  frustration will ultimately cause negative effects both physically and emotionally. Make it a practice to forgive. Instantaneously, when you feel anger, forgive.

It’s a path towards fulfillment

Focusing on forgiveness in this small way will eventually lead to forgiveness on a much larger scale. You will begin to recognize feelings of anger and resentment and have the self-awareness that is necessary to acknowledge the feelings and let go of them. It will start with forgiving the check-out lady but will end with forgiving the bigger hurts.

You will soon find that forgiveness is a habit and many of the things that bothered you so much in the past will become powerless over you. This daily practice of forgiveness will lead you to the ability to forgive the most important one of all; yourself. As unrelated as it may seem, the fact is that forgiveness is the first step toward reaching all other goals.

Cynthia Corsetti, CPCC, MS is a certified career coach, executive coach and leadership speaker whose focus is on improving employee engagement.


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