CARE to Lead®

 A sacred space, a peer-supported group that builds lasting bonds.

The five-month leadership intensive originally designed for CEOs has been adapted for female attorneys and partners.

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“Finally an Executive Level Leadership Forum Designed For Women in The Legal Profession”

Ever feel like an invisible vacuum sucks the energy from your day?

Does stress from work poison time with family and keep you up at night?

Do you sometimes find yourself in downward spirals of ovrethinking and catastrophizing? 

Do you sometimes feel alone like you have no one to turn to for advice, guidance, and support? 

For most high achievers, isolation and guilt is the day-to-day cost of doing business…

Imagine a Sacred Space With a Group of Peers

Where You Build and Transform Your Leadership. 

✔ Dig deep into professional challenges and dilemmas in a confidential space

✔ Share and celebrate successes

✔ Give and receive support from cohort members

✔ Have accountability among peers

✔ Build and refine leadership skills trhough personal reflection, reading and discussion

Tall order? Sure.

But well within reach…

Meet Cynthia Corsetti And Jacqueline Fix Your CARE to Lead® Forum Facilitators

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Hi, I’m Cynthia.

For over two decades, I’ve been helping CEOs, entrepreneurs, and high-level professionals get a better grip on their schedules, become more efficient in their roles, and build higher-performing teams.

And for a lot of those years, people have been asking us to make this coaching available to individuals who aren’t all in the same organization. 

We’re super excited to take what we’ve learned and what has worked best and curated this amazing leadership forum for women who are attorneys and leaders in law firms. 


Invest in your career, your business, and your future with Cynthia Corsetti Coaching

Professional Qualifications

  • Bachelor of Science in Education
  • Master of Science in Organizational Leadership
  • Senior Professional in Human Resources, SHRM-SCP
  • Certified Myers Briggs Facilitator
  • Certified NLP Master Practitioner
  • Certified Professional Co-Active Coach
  • Certified Executive Coach

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Hi, I’m Jaqueline.

I am an educational leader with over 17 years of experience as school district and school administrator, graduate professor & instructional coach and consultant. I specialize in coaching leaders to unpack challenges that they face through deep listening. I have years of experience in session, meeting and retreat design, strategic change management, team leadership & leadership development and conflict resolution.

I am skilled at facilitating adult collaborative spaces and being a creative thought-partner and problem-solver.

I am passionate about creating environments where leaders uncover their potential through collaboration, reflection and authentic listening.

My journey began as a classroom teacher and the knowledge and gifts shared with me from my students and their communities continue to drive both my professional and private life. My work is rooted in social justice and centering the voices that have been most marginalized in our society.


Invest in your career, your business, and your future with Cynthia Corsetti Coaching

Professional Qualifications

  • Bachelor of Arts in Creative Writing
  • Master of Arts in International and Multi-Cultural Education
  • Program Administrator for San Francisco Unified School District
  • Certified Executive Coach

Having a community of trusted peers is essential at all levels of leadership

Leadership can feel isolating and sometimes even lonely and having a trusted, confidential space with peers is never included with the promotions we receive.  CARE to Lead Leadership Forums provide an intimate space to confront dilemmas and challenges, celebrate successes and build a network of transformational leaders.  Leaders will emerge with a sense of connection to their cohort, a broader and more refined leadership toolbox and confidence to transform their organizations. 

The CARE to Lead® Leadership Forum is an elite peer coaching program initially designed for CEOs and C-Suite executives that, based on demand, has been adapted for leaders at other levels in the organization.  We are offering cohort models for various stages of a leader’s journey.  Additionally, we offer CARE to Lead Forums for women leaders by sector.

Program Methods:


  • Discussion protocols 
  • Individual writing & reflecting 
  • Diving, processing and applying the latest research on organizational leadership 
  • Coaching and mentoring 
  • Suite of leadership videos and Take-It-To-The-Field Resources

CARE to Lead ® Leadership Forums

Who is it for?

An intimate space where CEOs and other C-suite executives can find and engage in a sacred space amongst their peers.

Total time investment?

22 hours

Meeting cadence?

One 2 hour virtual meeting per month

Length of Forum

12 months

Office Hours and 1-on-1 coaching

ONE, one hour 1:1 coaching session per month Included with the Forum

CARE to Lead Guest Innovator

Included with the Forum



CARE to Lead Video Library and Leadership Development Curriculum  designed to provide deep learning and immediately applicable leadership development between group sessions

Included in Forums



Attend CARE to Lead® From Anywhere In The World!

This course is based on real person-to-person interaction with your peers and me, but since it’s over the web, you don’t have to travel or book an expensive hotel room to join in!

And if you’re sending your team, you don’t have to halt your operation or reassess the annual budget for travel expenses to give them the training they need.

A Radical New Approach To Making Things Happen

If you’re one of those people who keeps buying fancier and fancier courses (and then getting overwhelmed by them), it’s time to try something different.

This course will dig deeper to radically change your thoughts, attitudes, and behaviors about leadership…and flip the “usual” approach completely upside down to focus on values, purpose, and priorities. 

Implement What You Learn On The Job, In Real-Time!

I hold this over a 7-week period for a reason.

You’ll be given “assignments” to implement at your work over the course of the program. So you’ll be implementing the material in the real business world and see the practical value with your own eyes. This is so much more powerful than skimming the latest book on the best-seller list…

Personalized, Micro-Group Attention But Without The Price Of One-On-One Consulting

I’m not just handing you a set of steps, a long-winded book, or a planner with some vague instructions. When you sign up for this course, I’m with you every step of the way. Each class is purposely kept small (7 – 15 people) to ensure every participant gets full attention.

Collaborative Group-Learning Environment With Other High Performers!

After implementing what you’ve learned, we all discuss and compare the results, creating an opportunity to learn from your peers. Maybe you’ll struggle with one technique while someone else has great results. By comparing notes, you all build on the lessons from there…

And A Wealth of Practical Skills To Instantly

Improve Personal And Team Performance

You’ll Learn:

  • The true nature of productivity and the key resource of peak performance…You’ll gain major paradigm shifts around planning and goal setting to give you the handle on other people, external circumstances, and yourself that always seemed beyond reach…
  • The missing link between self-image and goal setting…and how to develop a goal achievement process that keeps you steadily moving forward…
  • A simple and effective, no-nonsense system for combining written goals, regular planning and goal setting sessions, organized tracking, and feedback into a single goal-crushing system…
  • The truth about affirmations and visualizations – what works, what doesn’t, and how to build the science behind it into a practical practice for long-term business success…
  • How to set the right priorities for each day, in all areas of life, and then keep those priorities front and center so every move you make is precise…
  • How to increase your focus by limiting pesky interruptions, managing your day-to-day communications, and fielding emails properly…How to manage your “visitors” politely but efficiently and without getting off track…
  • Better ways to say “no,” and effective tools for crisis management to keep the “fires” from burning up time that should be used more profitably…
  • The role of empathy in more effective communication – once you realize how much even subtle in-office drama knocks the day off track, you’ll wonder how teams ever manage to get anything done at all!
  • How asking the right questions and proven listening skills increase clarity in every communication to cut out confusion and get things done the way you want them done, faster…
  • How to transform email and other communication technologies from “pits of endless distraction” into powerful tools that actually support productivity…
  • Why “The Empowerment Imperative” is the most crucial aspect of driving a team to peak performance…the keys to empowering different generations of workers and why managing attitude is THE key for keeping teams cohesive long enough to push through important organizational goals…
  • Best practices for developing top-performing team players through smarter delegation…And communication strategies for empowering every individual of the crew to empower the bigger picture…
  • The secrets of sharing and communication top organizations use to develop and coach self-directed work teams…How more efficient procedures, a learning-geared environment, and a sense of “positive expectancy” can bring your teams to entire new levels of performance…
  • How to hold meetings that actually get things done and celebrate your successes the right way to keep momentum moving forward…
  • And a lot more…
  • Science-backed tips on setting up an efficient work area geared towards getting things done…

What Makes This Different Than Other

Leadership Forums Out There?

Remember, You Can Join Us From Anywhere In The World – Doing this online is a great way to minimize costs and the risk of further taxing your schedule…

Not An Easy Internet Fluff Course! – This isn’t one of those “courses” that just gets you hyped up and feeling good by stepping away from the real world. No. This is a substantial curriculum, and I will expect you to put something into this with me. The plus? Substantial results!

20 Years Of Executive Coaching Experience At Your Side – I know this program gets results, which is why it has remained part of my coaching for two decades and running. Individual coaching clients often pay me multiple tens of thousands of dollars to help increase personal productivity; the design of this program gives you access at a fraction of the cost…

Personalized, Micro-Group Attention – Small groups of 7-15 students at a time keep this learning environment focused and personal…You have direct access to my attention…

Multiple Learning Styles and The Spaced Repetition Technique – This course is designed using an advanced learning tactic called “spaced repetition.” We draw on multiple media formats (reading, writing, listening, watching) to engage all senses and make the information sink in and stick. And you’ll consume and review the information multiple times throughout your day and week, recording it all to hold yourself accountable.


Collaborative Learning With High-Performing Peers – Discussions with other high level executives, business owners, and “A-Players” will allow you to compare notes after daily implementation and unearth your own blind spots…and grasp the true potential of these techniques…

Digs Deeper Than Anything You’ve Ever Come Across On Leadership – Most time management systems just scratch the surface. They’re just fancier and fancier ways of creating lists of tasks. EPP starts by radically changing your thoughts and attitudes about productivity…values, purpose, and priorities are the missing links to reclaiming the day…

It’s Not About Just Being A Top Performer Yourself – We focus on you and the productivity of those around you. Whether you’re a supervisor, a business owner, or a top team member (or someone who wants to be), knowing how to communicate is one of the most powerful skills for getting things done…You’ll pinpoint who interrupts you and why so you can teach your team to give you the space to perform…and you’ll learn better ways to get those around you to help you accomplish goals as well…

One More For Good Measure – Out of all the different paths I take elite professionals on to improving their leadership skills and effectiveness, this is the program I’m absolutely in love with! I don’t care if you’re an ambitious individual or an executive…When you see what CARE to Lead can do for your company, you’re going to love it too!

End Goal: Walk Away From this Program

Confident, Competent and Fully In Charge

✔ You’ll feel more in control of your own time than you ever have before and be able to walk out of the office each day knowing nothing fell through the cracks…and actually enjoy life after work too…

✔ You’ll finally be able to stop stumbling through life like a “What Did I Forget” Zombie, and go to sleep knowing you’ve taken action on every important thing on your plate…

✔ You’ll have a better understanding of what you should be working on at any specific moment and finally be free of the time-wasters and time-suckers that eat up valuable time and profits…

✔ You’ll know how to determine the true value of your time on the go…down to the very minute…so you can use it as a quick tool to assess what’s being wasted at any moment… and make sure any time you work hard, you’re working on the true pillars of your business…

✔ You’ll know how to manage other people’s time and their interactions with you too…yes, not only will you learn how to get others to respect your time; but you can utilize the skills from this course to get them more productive along with you…

✔ You’ll leverage research on body language and nonverbal communication to stop inviting conversations when you’re busy and build a personal bubble around you, without putting off rude and intimidating vibes at home or work…

✔ You’ll go from the modern business madness of prioritizing schedule to a sane and much more intelligent approach of scheduling your real priorities and getting them done, one by one…

As mentioned, classes are kept to a minimal size and can fill up pretty fast – and we serve entire teams as well as high-performing individuals. So, I suggest booking your spot(s) as soon as possible.

This is all you need to do to get started:

Step 1: Click one of the buttons on the page and fill out the form. Classes are limited in size so secure your spot on the waitlist. I’ll get back to answer any of your questions and update you on availability. 

Step 2: Attend each course over a 7-week period. You’ll receive assignments, which you’ll carry out on the job — yes, in the real world. When we meet again, you’ll compare experiences with peers and we’ll all discuss what works best and why. I’ll also be available during the week on an as-needed basis. IMPORTANT: The crucial thing to realize is this isn’t just an “internet” course; this class will become a substantial component of your professional life for the seven weeks of enrollment. 

Step 3: Do the work and you WILL get results.


Looking to maximizing the productivity of your entire team?

We offer $500 discounts per person for groups of 10 people or more.

Book With Confidence:


I believe in the power of this course!

Because I’ve seen it time and time again.

And when you see what I have in store, you will too. As long as you engage and do the exercises, it will change the way you do business.

That’s why I back this up with my 100% Satisfaction Guarantee.

If you (or your team members) go through at least half of lessons in the course…doing the exercises I assign…and don’t feel you’re getting the value promised, I’ll refund your investment.

No questions asked.

100% Satisfication Guarantee

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Cynthia is an exceptional Human Resources Professional who understands and adds value to the commercial side of the business, as well as, the people side. She efficiently recruits, trains and motivates staff to exceed expectations at all levels of the organization.