Career Coach – Life Coach How Much Are They Worth?

Career Coach – Life Coach How Much Are They Worth?

A decision worth making

On the surface, hiring a life or career coach might seem like an extravagance. Sure, you know that engaging a coaching professional is exactly what you need, yet it still seems indulgent, thereby making it a tough decision. I mean, you could spend that money on new soccer cleats for one of the kids.  We can talk about that “me or my kids dilemma” in one of your sessions, but for now, let’s talk choices.

Be smart about it

Once you make the decision to go for it and begin to research coaching fees, you will find that rates can range from $20 a session to $1,000 a month—which can further add confusion to the cost vs. value equation. You want to feel confident in your choice to hire a life coach. Here are some important things to consider when deciding how much budget to put towards it.

Factors to consider.

  1. Determine the outcome that you want from coaching’ consider asking yourself, what exactly would I like a life coach to do for me? Do you have a clear goal or just a “general idea?” You will get a better result from coaching if you have a clear goal in mind from the onset.
  1. Decide what type of coach you need because coaches exist for pretty much anything. My own coaching business is geared to mid-career professionals who are interested in making a career change. Other coaches that I know and respect have different niches, like working with academics and on social justice issues, parents of LGBTQ kids, young adults, and wellness.
  1. Determine the qualifications that you are seeking in a coach. Some have spent years in certification programs that involve both classroom and hands-on coaching hours with a trainer. Others have simply read books but feel they have a knack for getting results. The amount of training that a coach has is an indicator of how much you should expect to pay. Remember, coaching is not therapy and it’s not a discussion with a BFF. It’s a learned skill designed to help you let go of habits and thoughts that hold you back from moving forward. It is important to know that your coach is experienced and can get you from “here to there.”
  1. Imagine what your life will be like on the other side of working with your coach. After you reach your desired outcome, what does your life look like? How will it feel to get up in the morning knowing that you are totally at peace living life as authentically as you dreamed? Would you still have the same job? The same relationships? The same lifestyle?

Now, determine what that feeling is worth to you. Is it worth a short-term financial investment? Is it worth enough for you to make it a priority? Are you also ready to make the emotional and time commitment necessary to make it happen?

A Life Coach is Worth the Investment. 

If you take the time to work through this list and hire the coach that is right for you, I assure you that the dollars you put towards this relationship will not only be worth it, you might likely find its value is actually beyond measure.

Cynthia Corsetti is an Executive Coach and Speaker. If you’d like to learn more on how her C.A.R.E. to Engage system can help you create an engaged workforce in your organization, you can email her at: [email protected]

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