Getting Fired Sucks….

The Emotional Side of a Termination

Yep, getting fired absolutely sucks….but it happens….and I promise, you will survive!

When those much-dreaded words ‘we’re letting you go’ hit you like a tsunami, you’ll likely experience a number of emotions afterward.. I mean, who wouldn’t? It’s natural and perfectly manageable.

There’ll be a few things you’ll need to do right away, like, possibly rein in your spending, tread the familiar job search path, and perhaps deal with a bit of tension on the family front. But, the bright side is you now have time on your hands to design a better life.

Think about that…. if you’ve been stuck far too long in a monotonous role, here’s your opportunity to take a bold step towards a new, more fulfilling job.

Even When Fired, A healthy dose of optimism is vital.

You can’t control management decisions, but, you can control your life. Here’s how you can handle the emotionally turbulent side of a termination:

  • Feel a little bad for yourself. Shed a tear, watch a movie, indulge in food you love. The more you retreat into yourself, the harder it will be to focus on things other than your firing.
  • Maintain your gym schedule or daily exercise/physical activity. Don’t be a couch-potato, it may stimulate anxiety and insomnia. Exposure to the sun’s rays is necessary for the normal regulation of appetite, sleep, mood and energy levels.
  • Get out and meet friends. Pay a visit to a relative you haven’t met in a long time. It will help you shake off negative feelings associated with the firing. Your friends or family may point you to recruiters, vacancies, career coaches, college courses, and anything of value that will help you move on quickly.
  • View your termination as an opportunity for learning. Did you fail to heed a warning from your employer? If yes, the lesson is to avoid committing the same mistake(s) at your next job. Were you given the pink slip as part of a mass layoff? Ask your supervisor, mentor or colleagues for feedback, which they will willingly give. Also request a LinkedIn recommendation from your boss; it will help your job search.
  • Be open to new job opportunities. Are you at a stage in your career where you can afford to do a part-time job and pursue a passion or entrepreneurship on the side? Does it make good financial sense to take up a temp-to-hire position or even a temporary position while actively continuing your search for a permanent position? Don’t take too many things off the table. Once you feel a sense of stability with some gainful activity, you will be able to make clear, unemotional and better decisions about your career and future.

Where to find help

Don’t hesitate to consult a career coach if you’re unable to overcome depression and plan your life after termination. Professional advice will help you get back on your feet sooner than if you try to do it all by yourself.

Cynthia Corsetti is an Executive Coach and Speaker. Click the link to learn more on how her Reflect, Rebuild, Rebrand® career transition program can help you find the next (and best) chapter in your career!

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