Career Change Over 40

How Folks Just Like You Have Successfully Made a Mid Career Transition

Ready to change jobs?     The American Institute of Economic Research found that over a million people in the 45-65 age group made a career change between 2011 and 2012.  Of these 72% felt emotionally better off after the transition while almost 60% said that they were now ‘following their passion’ – Yep, this can be you….

If you’ve been thinking of moving on but cannot seem to build traction, here is some inspiration from people who went the full distance.

Career Change Action Plan:

1. They believed it could happen
After many years in the same line of work, it is time to redefine who you are. It could feel strange as you’ve begun to think of yourself as an investment manager, marketer, copywriter or whatever it is you’ve been doing.  Keep saying to yourself that you are whoever you want to be next, whether that’s an entrepreneur or coach. When you start believing it, people around you will too and a career change with a positive attitude is empowering.

2. They didn’t wait around.
Borrowing from a writing analogy, you shouldn’t sit around waiting for inspiration. Get to work on your career change and everything that goes with it. You may have to cut down on expenses and save up until you get the job you want. You may have to manage life-style to make end meet until your venture takes off. Maybe your partner will be willing to take over until then. Or perhaps you could do a part-time job even as you pursue your career change. As are many factors to account for, the sooner you get moving, the better. Remember, a year from now you can either be in your new role, or still thinking about it and it’s your choice to make.

3. They networked with people in their chosen field.
You definitely want to know the ins and outs of the career you’ve chosen to pursue. No matter what your passion, you want to make a logical assessment of the future. If you’ve earmarked a few companies, make sure you understand their individual cultures by connecting with the senior and junior employees of those companies.

This is a biggie….

4. They were not afraid to go against conventional wisdom.
Being overly optimistic is one thing, letting popular notions around mid-life career change discourage you is another. Sure, there is a risk involved, but if you can leverage your existing skills, innate talent, knowledge of the industry and passion for the job, there is no reason why you should buy into what you read on LinkedIn or hear from a colleague. Many of those who make a successful transition don’t hesitate to use their reputation and experience to reinvent themselves and connect with people who could genuinely help them.

If it’s time for you to change…

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