Use Intention To Create Your Future

Create Your Future

Is Intention Real?

Can intention give you the power to create your future? Have you ever wondered why you aren’t living the life you want? Do you sometimes feel that you’re working hard and doing your best, yet you aren’t moving forward?

The biggest obstacle to success, may in fact, be your mind.

How we see the world

We each have our own unique perspective in how we see the world.  Experiences remain with us and somewhere in our subconscious mind we hold those memories and recall them without even knowing it.

One example of this comes from a current client, we will call her Anna.  She is actively trying to further her career and she is doing the right things to make it happen. Anna sends resumes, networks, takes added responsibility, and is active in the community.

The missing link

However, in addition to all of these positive things, Anna is also subconsciously telling herself that she doesn’t have a chance. Her self-esteem is very low. Anna was fired from her first job in high school and she continues to feel inadequate because of it. Even though it happened many years ago, and she is no longer the person she was in high school.  She is going through the motions physically but holding herself back emotionally.

Moving forward

As we worked together I started making suggestions to her about the power of intention and positive thought. She shared with me that over the years there had been times when she wanted a particular position and she allowed herself to believe she would get it only to find out that she didn’t. She put her emotions on the line, she allowed herself to hope and she felt let down.

So, if this “intention thing” works, why was she let down?

Use Intention Carefully

I believe that the problem was in how she used her positive thoughts. This is something I talk about in my “land your dream job” program, Job Search Boot Camp. You see, Anna focused on a job, a particular position that she believed was in her best interest. She focused all of her energy into that job and she maintained the positive energy necessary to allow it to happen.

However, by focusing on one  specific job, she closed her mind to wider possibilities. Instead she needed to actively visualize the life she wants, not just the particular job. While all of her energy was on landing THAT job, she easily could have passed right over another opportunity that might have been even better.

What about you?

Are you holding yourself back? Are you focusing on particular positions, or a particular house or car or vacation? OR, are you focusing on a whole picture; a spiritual journey that allows you to be all that you were created to be?

If you’re ready to gain guided support in your path to landing your dream job, join me in Job Search Boot Camp to gain clarity, ace the interview and land the job.


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  1. Marty

    I want my dream job I have been the maid of honour at least 10 times in the past year.
    I was a leading candidate the other day and finished 2nd.
    Your video on job research was inspiring
    A real pick me up dust me off moment

    • Cynthia Corsetti

      Hi Marty, I understand. It’s really frustrating. But, remember every “no” moves you closer to a “yes”. The right job is out there for you. Stay positive and keep learning from every single interview. It will happen. Good Luck!