Do nail-biting interviews against hundreds of more qualified peers sound terrifying, murky, and downright impossible?

So worried you threw away tens of thousands on your degree you’d pretty much jump on any crumb of a position?

Spending countless hours trolling job boards or sending out hopeful resumes by the dozen only to get crickets back?

Ever left a promising interview feeling pathetic and deflated?

Are you feeling confused as to how to navigate the entire job search? 

Do you wake up with anxiety-ridden dread to a bleating alarm? Drown the empty pit in your stomach with an extra-large cup of coffee and reluctantly trudge off to work?

Do nail-biting interviews against hundreds of more qualified peers sound terrifying, murky, and downright impossible?

So worried you threw away tens of thousands on your degree you’d pretty much jump on any crumb of a position?

Spending countless hours trolling job boards or sending out hopeful resumes by the dozen only to get crickets back?

Ever left a promising interview feeling pathetic and deflated?

If you already have a “stable” job…. what do your Monday mornings feel like?

Do you wake up with anxiety-ridden dread to a bleating alarm? Drown the empty pit in your stomach with an extra-large cup of coffee and reluctantly trudge off to work?



Hi, I’m Cynthia.

I understand how overwhelming it is to set the bar high right at the start of your career…
And sometimes searching for a better job can become a full-time job in itself.
After all, you’ve got bills to pay…you can’t just put life on pause while you get your career figured out.
But you know what drives me nuts?
Seeing smart people settle for less just because they don’t have the rule book…


That means everything from how to get noticed to how to ace the interview. Put yourself ahead of the competition. 

Gain Clarity On What You Want!

Nobody should have to take a lousy job out of fear…the RIGHT job is out there for you but first you have to know what you’re looking for. Identify the ideal stepping stone to your future and streamline your search to only shoot for perfect matches…

No More Wasted Time & Effort!

Learn to organize your efforts on this search so you can stop feeling like you’ll never find time to reach out and grab what you really want…

Ace The Interview!

In today’s competitive market, competition is fierce. And by the time you get to an interview, you’re already competing with the cream of the crop. Learn little-known leverage points to outshine your competition – and walk in to command the interview room instead OF letting nerves wreck your chances…

Wake Up to Fulfilling Work!

You’ll never have to take the first offer that comes along or dread Monday again when you close the deal on a job that inspires and challenges you. And when you have control over your own career choices, the future begins to look a whole lot different…



As my most digestible (and affordable) career coaching package, Job Search Bootcamp is designed for you to jump in and “download my brain” as quickly as possible.

So you can immediately use these insights to find and land the type of job you’ve always wanted.


You want to take control of your job search and stop leaving the future to chance….

You’re determined to make the early days of your career really count and are ready to leverage every available tool, including your social media profile…

It matters to you that you find the right job – not just accept any embarrassing paycheck handed to you but something that fits you and your long-term life goals…

You want to stand out to potential employers with insider tips from an expert interviewer to super charge your confidence and develop a fierce competitive edge…

You want to be part of an amazing community of people who are determined to make something more of their lives, starting now…



You’ll get access to a Private Learning Center with instructional videos, check-lists, resume samples and more on the topics covered in the group calls so you can learn at your own pace.

You’ll also retain access to the learning center after Boot Camp ends – so you can stay up to date as I add new content and bonus materials!


  •  The three most important issues you need to focus on in any serious, career-changing job search…


  • Uncover what the ultimate life balance looks like for you and how you can design a career plan and job search (and all the right tools) to achieve it…


  • How to get laser-focused on what’s most important so you can do away with the wild goose chase and place your efforts only on what matters most…


  • Get tips on how to control your mind and hold off self-sabotage… ruminating and worrying can derail your job search and ruin your future in insidious ways…I’ll give you powerful mindfulness strategies that peak performers use to stay calm and relaxed in any situation…


  • Times have changed, and at least for some companies your resume is an afterthought…Your social media presence can become a backstage pass to some of the most lucrative, enjoyable positions out there when you learn to make it work for you instead of against you…


  • Step-by-step tips for building a powerful “personal brand” …so you can stand out from the crowd and get noticed by important people to land interviews you thought were way out of your league…


  • Uncover the secret to keeping your resume out of the “trash pile” and land at the very top of any hiring manager’s “priority stack” …


  • Insider secrets and red flags savvy career climbers use to avoid getting caught up in dud jobs that waste years of your time…


  • Discover the biggest traps most people fall into in interviews and how to sidestep these “hidden tests” or pass them with flying colors (get even one of these wrong and it WILL cost you the job)!


  • Know the ins and outs of different interview formats…what to expect, what the different interviewers are looking for, and how to turn each into an empowered experience that puts you in the best possible light…


  • Step-by-step interview answers so you can do all your prep in advance and head off anything out of left field…you’ll also get 25 downloadable questions (from real interviews) to rehearse for your big day!

Plus, You’ll Get:

Constantly Updated With The Latest Information

While the foundations of Job Search Boot Camp rarely change, as the job market shifts we will provide new resources and trainings to help you on your path to securing your dream job!

VIP Discounts for More One-On-One Coaching and Other Career Support Services

Boot Camp also means you get a special VIP Discount on any of my One-On-One Coaching programs – including the Interview Mastery program in case you land that BIG INTERVIEW and want to make it an open and shut case (learn more about Interview Mastery here)

How To Get Started:

Just 3 Simple Steps To Take

Control Of Your Career:

Step 1:

1. Register for Boot Camp

On a job search, time is precious, so you’ll get instant access to all content when you click the button and sign up.

You’ll also get instructions for hopping on the weekly coaching calls and membership in the Boot Camp Community for all the support you need.



Step 2:

Work At Your Own Pace

Dive in and go through the entire 3-module program on your own schedule. I’ve kept the videos short and info-packed for maximum impact with minimal time investment.

Watch as many times as you’d like and complete the exercises and practice interview questions to really help it sink in. You’ll retain access after completing the lessons so you can refer back anytime you need a refresher!

Step 3:

Land Your Dream Job!

You’ll be more prepared than ever to find and land your dream job – with insights drawn from real world experience my clients use to climb the ladder faster.

You’ll have the clarity and confidence to stand above the competition and move forward with a plan that’s proven to work. You’ll be prepared to negotiate the best salary, field multiple offers, and make a choice you won’t regret!

How Much To Invest

In Your Future?

I truly believe this course is worth over $2500. My one-on-one executive coaching clients pay me well over that to develop an edge in their career.

That said, I know it’s tough to dig that deep when you’re just starting out.

And I want this information to change the lives of those who need it most.

So, I’m keeping this one as low-cost as possible.

That’s why I’m giving you access to the entire Boot Camp (with all resources, tools, and associated support) for a meager investment of $97

Yes, only $97!

Think about that – the average smartphone these days costs well over $500!

But this $97 may just define your entire career from this point onward!

"I have worked with Cynthia as a client for the past year. Through our sessions I was able to find clarity in my vision and goals, both professionally and personally.......Finally and most importantly, Cynthia has helped me to know my value -- acknowledge and identify the unique contributions that I make and not settle for less."

Stephanie G. Vanterpool MD, MBA, FASA

“If you’re struggling with your career or your life just isn’t going the way you had planned, then I highly recommend Cynthia Corsetti – she has made such a big difference in my life. I ended up changing careers and I am so much happier now. I don’t think I would have had the guts to do it without Cynthia’s encouragement. Looking inside at what gives you fulfillment is really important. Having the guidance to get there is what makes all the difference in the world.”

Robin Taylor

Marketing & Communications, Television Production, On-Camera Talent, Voice-Overs

“I just need to say WOW!!! Cynthia I just started your bootcamp and am blown away by your experience and the quality of your program!!

I’m so happy to have found this now, I just wish I’d had this back when I finished university. It would’ve saved me so much time and made my life so much easier even sooner.”

Sarah Langner

Business Owner

“There is so much information in the videos. I’m in the interview module now and it’s absolutely great information.

The worksheets are also a great way to get focused and to stay focused on what you want. The videos are short enough that they keep my attention.”

David DiGennaro


Access The Course NOW:

Remember, These Tools Can

Serve Your Entire Career!

Did you know 1 in 3 workers will change jobs in the next 6 months!

And that the average worker will have 10 different jobs before they’re 40 (a number that’s rising fast)?

The ability to go out and find a great position at a great company any time you want is a superpower at any stage of your career…

And no matter how many interviews you’ve been on…you can always get better.

With the tools you get in Job Search Boot Camp, you can find true job security knowing there’s always another option out there for you somewhere…

No matter what.

Take control today!

Marketing & Communications, Television Production, On-Camera Talent, Voice-Overs


Check out the FAQ section below, and if you still have need answers, drop me an email. I’ll get back to you as soon as possible to fill in the blanks!

Do you guarantee I’ll get a job?

Unfortunately, business success isn’t paint-by-numbers, so I can’t guarantee you’ll find a job – only that you’ll have a far better shot at if you study and implement his material. I can guarantee that you will be more prepared, confident, and ready to tackle your search than ever before, though!

I’ve done job searches before. Why do I need help this time?
If you haven’t been getting the results you want in your career so far, ask yourself why. Remember, I’ve spent a lot of time as the gatekeeper AND coached many people into better positions. The tools you get in this Boot Camp will help you see your job search in a light you’ve never seen it before and provide a skillset you can use to navigate the business world to get what you want.
What if I want private coaching?

As a member of Boot Camp, you’ll be eligible for VIP discounts on all private coaching packages. Learn about my one-on-one coaching here.

“Cynthia has provided me with tools to dismantle fears that have been holding me back, define core values and career attributes that I align with, and honor my strengths. Turns out, I have a lot of skills and strengths that I didn’t realize!”

– Lindsey Lear

“If you are serious about breaking through blocks and moving your life forward, particularly in the career arena, you owe it to yourself to work with Cynthia.”

– Gina Mazza

“For those reading this and whom are looking for pure honest guidance – Cynthia will nurture your focus and help you find your exact career path…
That, I promise!”

– Joe Conver