As a master interviewer, I have seen people lose opportunities within seconds of walking through the door … body language, demeanor, eye contact … it all matters. An important interview requires heavy preparation that may be the difference between landing the job or missing your chance.

Let’s face it, landing an interview itself is a difficult task. You’ve already beat the odds and made the final cut. It’s very likely that you were chosen from a pool of hundreds. The list is now down to a handful and you are one of the lucky ones.

But, the thing is … this smaller candidate pool means tougher competition. You now need to stand out among the best. If you want to perform like an all-star, you must prepare like one.

With my Interview Mastery Program, I’ll be your personal guide as you prepare for your big day.

Together we will:


  • Uncover resume red flags that an interviewer will watch for.
  • Discover the nuances of body language and making the right impression.
  • Prepare for tough questions like gaps in a resume or how to explain a termination.
  • Learn to give information the interviewer NEEDS, even if they don’t ask.
  • Recognize “focus words” that will guide you to the answer they want.
  • Learn about Micro-expressions and what they can tell you about your interviewer.
  • Avoid 3 key mistakes that MOST candidates make – we’ll make sure you aren’t making them.


Check out the FAQ section and get your questions answered. Still can’t find an answer? Email me with your questions and I’ll get back to you as soon as I can!


Personal Intake Call

We’ll have a 1 hour intake call (recorded) where we’ll discuss your professional goals, your current interview skills, and the position you’re interviewing for in detail. You’ll walk away from that call with targeted assignments to prepare you for our first mock interview.

Mock Interview #1

Mock Interview One (recorded, one hour) In this interview, I’ll be tough. I’ll work to trip you up and put the pressure on. I’ll ask tough questions and dig for detail.

Mock Interview #1 Breakdown

Mock Interview One – Debrief (30 minutes) We’ll break down the interview step by step and determine where you need the most practice. You’ll leave the debrief with recordings of the intake as well.

Mock Interview #2

Mock Interview Two (recorded, one hour) Scheduled as close to the big day as possible, we will do another full interview, working through any tough spots from the first one. This interview we’ll focus on polish, awkward silences and other nuances.

Mock Interview #2 Breakdown

Mock Interview Two – Debrief (recorded, 30 minutes) Final Debrief of mock interviews. Breakdown items to practice.

Second Interview Review

Second Interview Review – (recorded, 50 minutes) This is where we brush up on the skills and go over anything that might come up in a second interview!

Unlimited Communication

You’ll also have unlimited email and text access for up to 30 days.

Extra Calls

And, you’ll be able to schedule 2 (15 minute) SOS calls, for when an email just isn’t enough.
For me, interviewing brings about fear and vulnerability. Cynthia helped to overcome by providing clarity as to what my goal as an interviewer actual was. We then built a compelling narrative which allowed me to approach the interview with greater confidence  I had the stories, I needed a strong delivery. She embraced my goal as if it were hers. Not only did this help me through my interview process but it made me a better communicator. I highly recommend!
Sarah Dacus

Zimmer Biomet Spine


• 1 hour of extensive intake to evaluate the position and your qualifications

2 – 1 hour high-level mock interviews

2 – 30 minute debrief sessions

2 – 15 minute SOS calls

1 – 50 minute second interview brush ups

• Unlimited email access for 30 days


• If this is an important interview.

• If you’re new to the interview process entirely.

• If there are things you’ll need to handle (terminations, gaps, legal issues) in your interview.

• If you want standout from the crowd and be noticed.

• If you haven’t interviewed in a long time.


Your investment for this intensive interview preparation is only $999 – and that’s a small investment to make in your future.

Choose the plan that works best for you:


How will you know what questions to ask for my mock interviews?
I spent my career as an Human Resources Executive before moving into Executive Coaching. I have conducted thousands of interviews at all levels. The questions I ask will prepare you for any type of interview.
What if I have a Skype Interview instead of face-to-face?
I will make sure you are completely prepared for that interview. We’ll cover everything including sound and lighting to make sure you are at your best!
I have anxiety and I giggle and stutter when I get nervous, can this help?
Preparation is the key. Going through my mock interviews, you’ll have a clear understanding of what to expect. We’ll also go through some breathing exercises and other calming practices that you can do before the interview.
What if I don’t get the job?
Well, I can’t guarantee you’ll get the job – who knows you may be up against another one of my clients! But, you’ll be prepared to do your best. And your BEST is all you can do.

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Don’t take chances with your biggest opportunity.

Get started today and nail the interview!