Career Intention

What is Career Intention and How Can it Help Me? 


Ever hear of “career intention?”

When I start working with a client I ask that client to visualize the outcome of our coaching sessions. I want them to form a clear picture of what they hope to achieve. I do this because, visualization and intention works. This visualization is career intention.

Study On Intention

In fact the scientific proof of the power of intention is mounting even outside of setting career intentions. One example, is The Intention Experiment. It’s a series of experiments that test the power of intention. And, how that intention can change the physical world.
Thousands of volunteers (from 30 countries around the world) have participated. Lynne McTaggart is architect of the experiments. And she is working with leading physicists and psychologists from several major universities. You can learn more about the science at

What it Means to You

I’ve experienced the Power of Intention, so that data is gravy. But, what does this mean to your career? It means you have choices. You can choose to focus on negative thoughts. Like, I’m not paid enough for what I do, or I am not appreciated.
Or you can focus your energy and thoughts on what you intend for your future.  This would include thoughts and actions that only consider the positive. I am blessed to be working in the current economy. And, I have valuable skills that will help me grow.
Give yourself affirmations with statements like: I will be working in my dream career in the very near future.
When you visualize your career as you want it to be, you begin to take action to create that visualization.

It’s Not a Magic Bullet

It’s not easy. Your intent must be realistic. It would be impossible for me to visualize myself into a job as an NFL quarterback.  
But, you can visualize yourself as a person without money worries, doing what you love. Or even starting a new career if you’re over 40.
Stay in line with reality, and focus on the positive.

Get Started Today!

Start by writing about the life you want. The career you dream of.  Write it down in detail. Every single detail you can think of.
What will your office look like? Will you work from home? Or, in an office setting? Do you think you’ll have employees? What kind of people will work with you? What will the atmosphere be like in this new career? Will you be self-employed, will you work for someone else? Create the picture.
The more detail you can bring into this picture, the more you can visualize it. Once you create this on paper, begin to read it daily. In fact, read it several times daily and once before going to sleep.
This picture should be so clear that it fools your subconscious mind. This is when you will begin to see the changes come about in unexpected ways. You will begin to build your future.
Go ahead, give it a’ll be glad you did!

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