What Does an Executive Coach DO? And Why Should I Have One on Speed Dial?

Keep Your Executive Coach on Speed-Dial

Have you ever gotten out of bed with an enormous blast of energy? You’re pumped for your day — you’re ready to set the world on fire. But the minute you get to the office, chaos begins. You have five voice-mails waiting for you because someone missed a deadline. You realize your temperamental computer is acting up, again. Your “moody” assistant called off. And to make matters worse, you have to attend an emergency client meeting. A meeting that wouldn’t be an emergency if the client had followed your instructions.   By the end of the day you have made zero progress on setting the world on fire. But, instead, spent the last 9 hours putting fires out.

Days like this don’t happen because you aren’t successful, they happen because you are. They happen because you’re talented and people depend on you.  No matter how you got here, you’re at the top of your game, and as a result, you’re in high demand. So, why does being successful have to be so hard? And why does it sometimes feel like you have to give up a personal life for it?

Game Changers

The answer isn’t about changing what you do, it is about tweaking how you do it. Think of your career the same way that a top athlete thinks of their sport. They have the talent, and they have honed that talent throughout the years. When the time comes they can, and do, deliver. But, no matter how good they get, the star athlete still uses a coach to continue to tweak and build that talent. The coach can add objectivity. They will evaluate each nuance and provide game changing insights.

Why wouldn’t you give your career that same attention? An executive coach will give you the tools you need to tweak your career and business. They will help you eliminate stress and overwhelm. And help you find new insights that will change your game. A good coach will help you identify strengths that you weren’t aware of. And uncover blind spots that might be slowing your progress. A great coach will become your partner. That go-to person that can talk you off the ledge, provide expertise, and get you back on track.

Your coach will help you navigate your career (and life) more easily. Before you know it, you’ll find that many of the fires you’ve been putting out may have been avoidable. All those long hours may have been unnecessary. You’ll find  navigating corporate politics is easy.  Having difficult conversations becomes simple. Suddenly, you get back to doing what you love and loving what you do…and you even get to enjoy your private life too!

No matter where you are in your career, a coach will help you make it better. Executive coaching is a powerful tool. Studies are proving that the return on investment is usually six times the cost of the coaching. What started out as an intervention for troubled or struggling employees is now a staple in leadership development programs. Top executives and high-potentials all over the world have their executive coach on speed dial- shouldn’t you?

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