Be around other leaders
who get it

Join a high-impact community of peers who will support you to blaze past your current leadership edge

CARE to Lead® Cohorts

Where leaders across industries come together in a confidential space to take on challenges, push their learning edge, and remove all limits from what they – and their organizations – can achieve

If you’re a high-level leader, then you already understand that leadership skills are never one and done.

In order to hit the goals you want and lead effectively within your organization, staying still is NOT an option.

That said, you can only hone your leadership skills so much with “From Good to Great” under your arm and a 3-hour leadership seminar on your calendar…

If you want to be a top performer who can truly go the distance (because let’s face it: leadership sure is a marathon), then you need consistent support from a select network of high-level peers, who actually understand what you’re going through.

This networking space should also be facilitated by world-class leadership experts, so that all interactions are maximally focused, meaningful, and productive.

This is your invitation to join that space.


CARE to Lead Cohorts bring together high-achieving professionals who excel at leadership across a variety of industries.

We help our members hone their capacity to transform their organizations and lead with confidence, while also developing impactful relationships with peers who truly get what they’re going through.

If you’re accepted to a Cohort, you’ll be placed with a hand-selected, intimate group (10-20 people max.) of high-achieving professionals: either in a C-Suite Cohort, VP, Director & Entrepreneur Cohort, or Rising Leader Cohort.

All Cohort members will emerge with a sense of deep connection to their peer group, an expanded and more refined leadership toolbox, and the readiness to transform and achieve more within their organizations.

Specifically, we’ll be working on giving you:


Greater clarity in your leadership stance and vision, so you feel more purposeful and directed in your actions, instead of reactive


Improved confidence and satisfaction in decision-making (meaning: less self-doubt, stress, procrastination, and/or second-guessing)


Heightened awareness of self to take action and grow, as well as better readiness to lean into difficult but necessary conversations


Increased skills in building connection, satisfaction, and a productive coaching culture within your teams and across your organization

This is highly powerful work that cannot be done alone.

That’s precisely why our Cohort model gives you access to a community of professionals at your level, from outside of your organization, so that you no longer have to deal with difficult situations (or celebrate your successes!) solo.

Plus, our program has also been carefully designed to ensure that you can achieve these goals without taking any more away from your family time and personal life.

See what other leaders have to say about their experience with us…

If you’re ready to navigate internal politics more intuitively and with more confidence, while also increasing efficiency and satisfaction in your team and organization…

If you’ve been longing to take off the armor that you wear all day as a leader, and find a network of other high-achievers where you can just be YOU…

A CARE to Lead Cohort is your next best step.

Having a community of trusted peers is essential at all levels of leadership.

This is your opportunity to join one.

CARE to Lead® Cohorts

Join us in a game-changing professional journey that will support you to elevate your individual leadership abilities as well as your organization

Here’s how it all breaks down…

If you’re accepted to join a Care to Lead Cohort (either the CEO Cohort, the VP, Director & Entrepreneur Cohort, or the Rising Leaders Cohort), you’ll receive:

Monthly Cohort Calls where you’ll be able to share about and unpack your own leadership challenges and give support to your peers, with our world-class leadership facilitators at your side (no more stewing alone – this is a confidential space where you can open up and benefit from the insights of others who are walking in your shoes and who can offer valuable understanding and advice)

A Monthly Focus Topic where you’ll analyze and apply the latest, up-to-the-minute research on different aspects of organizational leadership. Plus, curated readings, exercises, and videos to further expand your skills, knowledge and mindset around each topic (we do the research and source all the materials to save YOU time – just pick them up and dive in!)

Training in a variety of coaching techniques that you can implement right away with your direct reports, teams and self, to build confidence and accountability and see fast results within weeks, improving interpersonal dynamics within your organization and encouraging efficiency, adaptability, and organizational resilience

An entire Library of CARE to Lead® videos and Take-It-To-The-Field Resources, designed to equip you to handle a wide variety of high-level leadership challenges and growth scenarios. Instead of figuring things out solo, you can turn to this resource, find a proven systems-thinking strategy or solution, and get moving again!

Here’s a sample of some of the topics we’ll be covering each month…

Psychological safety


How to build a coaching culture in your teams and organization


Leadership blind spots


Leaning into conflict


Shifting mindsets from defensiveness to curiosity


Navigating and embracing difficult conversations


Cultivating rituals around gratitude

Let’s be very clear:

This is NOT a book club, coffee networking group, or a leadership lecture course.

There’s absolutely nothing cookie-cutter about this program and it’s not a chit-chat social group either.

This is an expertly-facilitated, meticulously-curated group of no more than 10-20 professionals, who are all top performers in their fields, and who are ready to hone their own leadership skills by supporting other top leaders as they navigate real challenges.

This is real time growth at its best.

When you join a CARE to Lead Cohort,
you can expect…

A group of high-achieving and like-minded peers from a variety of industries, where you’ll support and celebrate one another to make connections and bonds that last well beyond the program

Guidance and support within the cohort that pushes the collective learning edge and gives you a confidential space to address and discuss any professional challenges, dilemmas, or struggles

To walk away with a greatly expanded leadership toolbox, as well as new skills, knowledge and mindsets that will serve you in your career and help you thrive and succeed as a leader for years to come

More feedback from past cohort members:

“CARE to Lead has helped me become more self-aware and to really stop and take a breath before responding when there is conflict.”

“It (CARE to Lead) has been so impactful. I will be going back to the materials and experiences again and again.”

“Through CARE to Lead I recognized that I need to seek more diversity in order to get better balance in decisions that I make.”

Meet Your Facilitators

Cynthia Corsetti

In over 20 years of implementing my own unique corporate success strategies, I’ve helped hundreds of high achievers to navigate corporate politics, build influence in their organizations, and leverage their positions for growth across the playing field.

The true value of what I do lies in relationships, so here’s a little bit about me: I’m an “off the charts” ENFP. For those unfamiliar with the infamous Myers-Briggs instrument, this means I get my energy from other people. And I have a gut instinct that never misses.

You might consider me a bit of an activist. Even in business, all people deserve to be treated with dignity and respect. I champion social justice and will go to the mat in its defense. If you’re wondering why you should put your faith in me, good. You should! After all, I’m asking for your unwavering trust. Here’s a mini-resume.

  • Corporate Leadership Roles for Over 20 Years
  • Coaching Executives for the Past 11 Years
  • Over 3500 Hours of Executive Coaching
  • Unique & Effective Approach Proven to Get Clients Results
  • Bachelor of Science in Education
  • Master of Science in Organizational Leadership
  • Senior Professional in Human Resources, SHRM-SCP
  • Certified Myers Briggs Facilitator
  • Certified NLP Master Practitioner
  • Certified Professional Co-Active Coach
  • Certified Executive Coach

Jacqueline Fix

Jacqueline is an educator of over 17 years. She has worked as a leadership coach and consultant, a graduate professor, a school leader, and has supported the oversight of thirteen schools with the assistant superintendent in San Francisco Unified School District.

Jacqueline is passionate about adult learning and creating spaces where leaders uncover their potential through collaboration, reflection and deep listening.

Jacqueline brings particular focus and attention to diversity, equity and inclusion (DEI) through her coaching and facilitation and has been trained by the National Equity Project. She holds a BA from the University of Pittsburgh in Writing and Communication, a graduate degree from the University of San Francisco in International and Multicultural Education and has several certificates in teaching and school administration.

Want more detail?

Here’s EXACTLY what’s included in each CARE to Lead® Cohort:

Who it's for
Includes CARE to Lead® Video Library and Leadership Development Curriculum designed to provide deep learning and immediately applicable leadership development between group sessions.
Total Time Investment (not including optional individual time spent in video learning)
Meeting Cadence
Length of Forum
Office Hours and 1-on-1 Coaching
CARE to Lead® Guest Experts and Innovators
Application Status
C-Suite Cohort
Facilitated like a confidential advisory panel where C-Suite executives are amongst their peers. Leading an organization can feel isolating at times. You will get peer support on your most challenging dilemmas in real-time.
24 hours
One 2 hour virtual meeting per week
12 months
A block of 3 hours of 1:1 coaching will be included to be used in either 30 minute or 60 minute sessions. All sessions scheduled in the coaching portal.
Included with the Forum
Now Taking Applications for June 2023
VP, Director and Entrepreneurs
This group is carefully curated to bring together like roles in different industries. In this transformative space you will sharpen your leadership skills, engage in personal and professional growth and navigate dilemmas and challenges collectively.
18 hours
One 2 hour virtual meeting per week
9 months
One, 60 minute 1:1 coaching session included. Additional sessions are CARE® add-ons.
Included with the Forum
Now Taking Applications for June 2023
Rising Leaders Cohort
An intimate space for high potentials, managers and directors who have teams of direct reports.
18 hours
One 2 hour virtual meeting per week
9 months
CARE® add-on.
Applications Opening Soon for September 2023


Could my organization pay for this?

Absolutely. CARE to Lead® Cohorts is leadership coaching at its best. We work with organization’s HR departments to pay for their employees to attend through a variety of payment methods. We have found that across the board, HR departments support and pay for the investment of their people through CARE to Lead cohorts.

Is there a payment plan?
There sure is. We offer either a pay in full option or we give you an opportunity to break your payments into two payments. The payment plan allows for more flexibility, but does include a 5% processing fee.
How do I know which cohort I would be in?

We have a high-touch onboarding process to ensure the quality of the group and to curate the best experience for our leaders. If you are a woman CEO we work with you to find the perfect fit.

How do you make sure that cohorts are high-quality?

CARE to Lead® Cohorts is an exclusive group of focused leaders. We don’t take everybody who applies, and we work to ensure that each cohort incorporates a variety of rich, diverse perspectives to drive the learning of each group. We begin with leadership interviews to understand the role and context each leader could bring to the table. If you are a good match, we’ll then find the right cohort for you.

How is this different from other leadership / peer groups that I’ve been in?
CARE to Lead® Cohorts is not a coffee club or a meetup. We leverage our years of executive coaching experience, along with expert facilitation in adult learning to lead no more than 10-20 leaders per cohort. The cohorts are small and intimate spaces where you get to push your learning edge. Think: an advisory board panel of peers curated just for you. In the past, you’ve likely joined industry specific groups, or glorified networking groups. Care to Lead Cohorts are different because we deliberately go across industries, we interview every participant to make sure they are a good fit to contribute, and we expertly facilitate the meetings to guarantee productive and impactful sessions. This allows for specific knowledge transfer and building the bonds of a cohort and peer group. You’ve likely never experienced this type of cohort before and (if you’re like most people!) you’ll never want anything else after you’ve tried it.

Here’s what we believe
(and what the most recent leadership research shows us!):

  • Leaders thrive when they have a safe space to learn and grow
  • Transformation never occurs in isolation
  • Leaders without strong peer support can get stuck or too set in their ways
  • Exposure to new perspectives creates positive change and growth
  • Mastering and honing your leadership skills takes on-going skill development…

… and CARE to Lead Cohorts have been designed to make all of the above easier, more time-efficient, and enjoyable for you, as a highly-impactful top performer!

Let’s be honest:
the only thing you might regret about this valuable professional development step is that you didn’t do it sooner.

Apply to be considered for a spot in one of our hand-selected CARE to Lead cohorts here:

Want CARE to Lead® in your organization?

Our work within organizations is where it all began. We specialize in building vertical and horizontal alignment that will transform how leaders show up and lead in your organization. We would love to hear from you. Set up a call today!

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