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High potential executives hire me to take their teams to a higher level, building influence and making an impact. Gain confidence, gain clarity, and uplevel your leadership.

Meet Cynthia Corsetti

I give professionals and business owners the tools they need to leverage communication, build influence, and make a bigger impact.

Together, we can create results-based income opportunities by changing your perspective on everything from everyday office politics to big picture career strategy. 

Invest in your career, your business, and your future with:

✔️ Executive Coaching to Uplevel Your Leadership

✔️ My 6 month Executive Level Career Transitioning Program

✔️ High Level Team Coaching Solutions

Unlock Your Full Potential.

I offer a variety of services based on the CARE system, including workshops, one-on-one coaching with leaders, keynote speeches, and more.

If you’re an executive leader who wants to up your leadership and have a greater impact on your team, you need

If you’re an executive looking to make a high level career transition with clarity and confidence, you need