Leverage your talent, build influence, and make an impact with executive coaching.

For the past 11 years, I’ve been coaching high level executives to make the most of every opportunity, from day-to-day decisions to long term career goals.

If you’re an executive leader who wants to uplevel your leadership and make a greater impact on your team, you need PROVEN systems and methodologies to get you there.



True clarity means your team knows the what, why, and how of every outcome they’re working toward.

Clarity is the master key to higher productivity.



Does your team truly trust and follow you?

360-degree assessments and team interviews draw the line between our own perceptions and the sometimes uncomfortable truth.


It’s time to take ownership of every outcome. 

Once you’ve created a culture of responsibility, outside circumstances will stop stealing your attention.



Psuedo-Engagement is a real thing.

Learn to use your EQ to go deeper than surface level. Discover if your teams are truly engaged, or waiting for the right opportunity to leave.

This isn’t a short term program.
This is a pathway.

To better leadership, to more impact in less time, to bigger results. Whether you’re an entrepreneur scaling your own business or an executive within an organization, CARE to Lead is your path to accelerated results.


The C.A.R.E. pillars were carefully designed to create stronger teams, streamlined results, better leadership, and rising revenues.


You have the technical skills to do your job well. These leadership skills allow you to do your job better than anyone else. 


Even the best leaders struggle to maximize their days. Embrace new strategies to save your time, and the time of those who count on you. 


Your rise to the top begins with better communication. Eliminate negative emotional responses and shift your focus to accomplishing the objective.


Boost employee engagement, multiply team productivity, and harness your influence to develop real ROI. Good for business, good for your bottom line. 



My executives increase their personal productivity by more than 60%.

"She has helped me to know my value, acknowledge and identify the unique contributions that I make, and not settle for less."

Stephanie Vanterpool, MD, MBA

Meet Cynthia Corsetti

I give professionals and business owners the tools they need to leverage communication, build influence, and make a bigger impact.

Together, we can create results-based income opportunities by changing your perspective on everything from everyday office politics to big picture career strategy. 

Invest in your career, your business, and your future with:

✔️ Executive Coaching to Uplevel Your Leadership

✔️ My 6 Month Executive Level Career Transitioning Program

✔️ High Level Team Coaching Solutions

My Executive Coaching Clients

One-To-One Executive Coaching

Improve your leadership and see results in both your executive value and your team’s bottom line.

The Team Coaching Experience

Watch the C.A.R.E. pillars go to work for your entire executive team, boosting performance and engagement.

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