Most businesses see the effect of misaligned leadership practices (high turnover of high-potential staff, frustrated teams feeling as though they lack direction,  and management spending lots of time to overachieve on effort and underachieve on results) but don’t always know what is causing those effects, or whether or not those difficulties are solvable.

They are.   

Leadership difficulties in most businesses stem from the same root cause: a very skilled technical manager has been moved into a leadership position, without understanding how to leverage time, people, social intelligence, and business acumen to deliver results that push all required parts of the job forward.  This person is talented; simply, often, not trained in all aspects.  It’s a lot.  And very few people do it all naturally.

The net effect of this is twofold:  the leader, themselves, struggles with self-worth, anxiety, and overwhelm.  They end up micromanaging.  And, the teams they lead have high turnover (particularly of frustrated high-performing talent,) which has multiple costs on the business—not only replacement and training, but perhaps most importantly in culture:  Faith in leadership erodes.  Ten year goals seem like fantasies.



Recent reports show that 55% of companies are experiencing higher turnover in 2022 than pre-pandemic.

Among the top ten reasons they leave are reported to be: lack of decision making power, feeling undervalued, too little coaching and feedback, lack of people skills in management, and loss of faith and confidence in corporate leaders. 

It will cost US industries, in 2022 alone, over $630 billion dollars. 


Recent reports show that 55% of companies are experiencing higher turnover in 2022 than pre-pandemic.

Among the top ten reasons they leave are reported to be: lack of decision making power, feeling undervalued, too little coaching and feedback, lack of people skills in management, and loss of faith and confidence in corporate leaders. 

It will cost US industries, in 2022 alone, over $630 billion dollars. 

The four pillars of CARE to Lead® are designed to give leaders the concrete and immediately applicable skills they need to tackle these challenges. Our philosophy is that all leaders inherently possess the knowledge to solve important personal and business challenges, but often lack the skills and processes to do it repeatedly. The implementation of specific, skills-based protocols, in addition to deep internal reflection, bring exponential growth and problem solving within reach. 



within an organization is multidimensional. For all stakeholders there are external clarity drivers like process, communication, SOPs; and also, internal clarity drivers like core values, emotional intelligence, and purpose. Leaders who CARE can simultaneously navigate both, and  drive real results.


is the bridge between seemingly abstract concepts like self-awareness and integrity and concrete skills like meticulous time management and psychological safety.  Without control of the internal clarity drivers, leaders often do not feel skilled, or, socially comfortable enough, to authentically share ideas.  As a result silos form, deadlines are missed, top performers leave, and budgets are blown. Leaders who CARE model authenticity, which saves time, improves clarity, and ultimately impacts the bottom line. 


for leaders is largely divided into two streams: responsibility for commitments and outcomes (not simply expectations) from staff; and, the personal responsibility to manage corporate politics, emotional triggers, and difficult conversations without victimization (which concedes power.)  Controlling both streams empowers leaders who CARE to keep the organization on track even in difficult circumstances. 


There is a direct line between an employees’ engagement and their dedication, productivity, and willingness to stay long term.  Engaged employees feel safe, seen, heard, valued, and accepted (which creates an environment of psychological safety,) following which results inevitably follow. Leaders who CARE create dedicated employees, build an engaged workforce, resulting in high retention and superior performance. 

Our experience in coaching leaders at the highest levels has shown us that by weaving these four pillars throughout CARE to Lead®, participants are equipped both emotionally and concretely to face today’s challenges head on.


The CARE to Lead® journey is a 12-month high-level leadership program that has been carefully curated to incorporate learning, team building, collaboration, and mentoring every step of the way. 

Because we learn best when we learn from one another, you will participate in a small cohort of not more than 20 people, you will build relationships, share challenges, and celebrate your wins together. These will become lifelong CARE to Lead® colleagues and a support network.  


Once you enroll, your journey to transform knowledge into confidence while increasing influence and impact will begin.


You are strategically placed in a cohort who will embark on this leadership journey with you. They will be professionals from across the globe who share your passion, or your cohort might be a group of professionals from within your own organization. The community you will build through your cohort will help you to drive growth and innovation, professionally and personally.


The journey begins with 12 weeks (one 2-hour session each week) of live, interactive workshops hosted on Zoom. Each workshop includes new knowledge, followed by engaged, dynamic, and practical learning. Participants walk away with applicable skills that they will begin using immediately in their daily work. All assignments are built to go hand-in-hand with what you’re already doing so we aren’t adding work, instead, we are streamlining and simplifying it along the way.


Through a one-hour group coaching call, once per month for nine months, we will move from integration to transformation.  This is where you’ll reconnect with your cohort and share with one another how you’ve been applying the skills and protocols, learn from the experience of others, share your own, and as a group, detail the nuances that create mastery.

CARE to Lead® is a powerful journey that will change the way you interact with your teams. It will change the way you believe in yourself and your skills. It will provide you with the courage to make bold moves, the skill-set to succeed, and the confidence necessary to reach your highest potential.

For Organizations

Build your own cohorts, including cross-functional teams. Eliminate silos within your organization by building close bonds between the teams throughout the entire journey. Develop leadership skills and deeply understand the struggles and challenges of the other teams. Uncover the hidden, unspoken, and unrealized.

For Individuals

Built for high potential individuals who are ready to enhance their career and leadership skills but are not part of a large organization, or who choose to do this to better themselves for their organization. Join a network of diverse professionals who are as committed to leadership as you are.

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Jacqueline is an educator of over 17 years.  She has worked as a leadership coach and consultant, a graduate professor, a school leader, and supported the oversight of thirteen schools with the assistant superintendent in San Francisco Unified School District.  Jacqueline is passionate about adult learning and creating spaces where leaders uncover their potential through collaboration, reflection and deep listening.  Jacqueline brings particular focus and attention to diversity, equity and inclusion (DEI) through her coaching and facilitation and has been trained by the National Equity Project.  She holds a BA from the University of Pittsburgh in Writing and Communication, a graduate degree from the University of San Francisco in International and Multicultural Education and has several certificates in teaching and school administration. 

Jacqueline was born and raised in a small town in western Pennsylvania and has lived in the San Francisco Bay Area for over 16 years. Jacqueline is a proud mother of three young girls and married to a Swiss engineer.  Their family adores being in nature together whether on the beaches of California or the mountain-sides of the Swiss Alps. 

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Nick Egan, Ph.D. is an award-winning high performance coach who utilizes his deep understanding of positive psychology and Buddhist philosophy to encourage personal and organizational growth. Specializing in helping entrepreneurs and tech leaders grow, Nick has been recognized as the top coach in the Austin, Texas area and is certified by the International Coaching Federation. In addition to coaching, he has taught meditation techniques for more than a decade and regularly leads personal growth expeditions to destinations including Tibet, Bhutan, Mongolia, Nepal, Thailand. Nick holds a BA in psychology, an MA in comparative religion, and a Ph.D. in Buddhist philosophy.

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