The Secret Voice of your Inner Fraud

The Secret Voice of Your Inner Fraud

Congratulations! You have reached the pinnacle of the corporate ladder. You are well-respected, highly compensated and successful. Why then, when your world slows down and you find yourself in a quiet space, do thoughts of failure overwhelm?

Perhaps, you fear that eventually people will realize you do not deserve the success you have achieved; because, inside your own mind you feel you are a fraud. Insecurity sprinkled with an overall feeling of uneasiness can sabotage your peace of mind. It can be a constant drumbeat in the back of your mind, always tempering your self-confidence.

It can be your BEST Motivator as well as your WORST enemy

You are not alone in this feeling. It is not unusual for high achievers to secretly feel unsure of themselves. Some executives become successful in spite of their own fear of failure. The inner voice that pushes you forward is your best motivator as well as your worst enemy.

There is power in your inner dialogue and it has propelled you to succeed and stay one step ahead of your insecurities. You may ask, why am I paid this salary? Why was I asked to deliver that presentation? What if my colleagues knew the truth? Would they feel that I don’t deserve my success? You constantly find yourself pushing those thoughts out of your mind and driving forward in the persona that you have created.

Fortunately, there is a way to harness the strength of that inner voice in a way that allows you to maintain impressive high-quality results while allowing you to accept and believe that you deserve recognition and rewards.  You can master the art of rising above your unjustifiable inner fraud and tap into your inherent strengths.

Inner Strength Begins with Life Purpose

Inner strength begins when you find your life purpose. It starts when your actions are in line with your highest self; when the work you do and the results you achieve honor the values that you hold sacred. Inner strength begins when the person you see in the mirror matches the image you show to the world.  It is then that you will know that you are living your life on purpose and your success will no longer leave you feeling fraudulent.

The next time you find yourself aiming high, ask yourself some questions. Why is aiming high important to you? What is it about this next achievement that matters to you? What part of this next triumph honors your personal values? And most importantly, ask yourself exactly what is your life purpose? Personal enlightenment will not change your ability or motivation to achieve success; it will change your attitude about whether you deserve continued success. Future victories can feel real and deserved.

I challenge you to discard the negative discourse that seeps into your psyche. Instead, acknowledge your personal triumphs and past achievements. Allow yourself to embrace with grand confidence a past that embodies grace and talent which will continue to be a significant player in your  future success.

Cynthia Corsetti, CPCC, MS is a certified career coach, executive coach and leadership speaker whose focus is on improving employee engagement.


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