Q1 White Paper: The Hard Facts About Soft Skills

by | Mar 25, 2021

Welcome to the first of four white papers for 2021! In the first quarter, we’re focusing on the importance of investing in soft skills training, both for emerging executives and small teams. Scroll through the PDF slide gallery below, and click the link in the sidebar to share this research with your colleagues.

I give professionals and business owners the tools they need to leverage communication, build influence, and make a bigger impact.

Together, we can create results-based income opportunities by changing your perspective on everything from everyday office politics to big picture career strategy. 

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You need to amplify your soft skills because:

People entering the business workforce with measurable competence in soft skills are easier to place in jobs, have a higher starting salary and more likely to get promoted. Wonderlic Research

You need to hire with soft skills in mind because:

89% of employees who fail during the first 18 months of employment do so because they lack soft skills, which include an ability to get along with other people. SHRM

You need to invest in soft skills training for your team because:

Aggregate data from a large-scale soft skills training program calculated a 250% ROI on the training investment. Michigan Ross