You Attract what You Think (Really, you do)

I was chatting with a friend yesterday and by the end of the conversation, I began to feel quite exhausted. She seemed to find a problem with every aspect of her life. She started by saying she had too much to eat the day before and was now feeling bloated, continued to tell me that her brother has gout, her car is making a strange noise, her basement is damp and her husband forgot her birthday.

I realized that ten minutes into the conversation, she had not only managed to talk about negativity, she had also spread the negative energy. I was beginning to think negative thoughts of my own; I began to feel drained and tired. I quickly removed myself from the conversation and the situation.

As a coach, I am continually telling clients to monitor their thoughts. If you think about negative things you will create negativity in your life. It is a simple law of the universe. You create your own reality. Each time you start the day with a negative thought you tell your subconscious mind that you expect negativity. The subconscious mind takes it from there and sure enough, you will find negativity.

This is not a new idea. A 2005 Stanford University study showed that the mind can even control pain. In the study, patients with chronic pain reported a 44 percent to 64 percent decrease in pain after training that involved mental exercises teaching them to focus on parts of the body that were not in pain. More simply, focus on what is right, not on what is wrong.

Your mind holds enormous power. It can be freeing, or it can be stifling. The choice is yours. Every time you have a negative thought, stop yourself. Instead of thinking “I hate my job and my life is a mess,” think, “I enjoy my life and my career will be improving very soon” The key is in believing it. It will take practice, but keep repeating it over and over. You will soon see results.

Focus, intend and control your thoughts each day.  Surround yourself with positive people. And remember each thought is a choice; choose wisely.

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