Things to Consider BEFORE You Quit Your Job

Things to Consider BEFORE You Quit Your Job

Think you want to quit your job? Do you feel like you can’t take it for one more day? I hear you! It’s that dread that comes over you when you consider Monday…I hear the same things from clients every day.

As my clients contemplate the right move…a new job, a new career, or a new outlook….they think through the items below. These thoughts can help you clarify your next move! Because nobody wants to move from one bad circumstance into another….right?

Some Things to Think About

What’s the goal you have in mind for your career? What it is that you’re looking for?. Is it financial gain, or recognition? Authority?  If your goal is based on a sincere desire to serve others, the job must align. And if your goal is based on honoring your personal core values, the job you have must align.  If you’re current job isn’t aligning with your values, it’s a big red flag.

What are you thinking about on your way to work? Are you listening to news radio filling your mind with negativity? Are you listening to music that is filled with negative lyrics? Your commute to work can set the mood for your day. Allow your mind to become clear as you drive to work. I actually listen to Sirius Radio Spa channel. I use my time in my car to feel peace, not stress. You can’t expect to have a positive day at work when you fill your mind with negative thoughts before you even walk in the door.

During the Day

What is it that makes you miserable during the day? Really think about it. Keep a journal. If you find that you constantly feel you are being taken advantage of, journal about it. Write down your emotions, what created the emotion, and who else was involved when the emotion hit you? When you begin to do this consistently you may find patterns. Once you’ve written it down for a week or two, analyze it. Were your feelings justified, or were they overreactions caused by your ego? If it’s an external problem, perhaps it can be solved. If it’s an internal problem, you have to solve it or it will follow you to your next role anyway.

How do you respond to others when you feel they are mistreating you? Do you feel anger and seek revenge? Do you feel offended? Allowing the opinions of others to control your mood is ego. I’m simply suggesting that you recognize that you have no control over other peoples’ actions; you only have control over your response. When you allow their actions to affect your mood and your work performance you are giving them control.

After Work

Do you separate your personal habits from your work habits? Do you eat healthy, exercise, and spend time meditating when you’re at home, but allow junk food, sedentary behaviors and stress to dominate your work day?

Remember, taking care of your mind and your body is a full-time proposition not a part time hobby. Take healthy snacks and lunches to work. Get up from your desk or work area whenever you can and take a short walk. Even if it is only around the building, you need to move.

Just Keep it in Mind

Until you work through all five of the items on this list you shouldn’t start looking for another job. Because it is likely that whatever is making you miserable in the job you have will still be making you miserable in the next job you take. Happiness at work starts with happiness within. And that starts with you taking control of your thoughts and your actions.

Build a better career by building better thoughts. Create a better future by focusing on the present. You know what to do, so don’t allow yourself to forget it when you sit down at your desk at work.


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  1. Judith Lee

    Thanks for this thoughtful reminder of how powerful we can be if we take control of our thoughts and emotions. It always works for me, but I don’t always remember to do it.

    • Cynthia

      Thanks Judth!,

  2. marla

    I do dislike my job….the job does not fit my personality at all. I am a type A personality and work at a type B job. I get extremely bored at work and then I eat…..junk. I have gained 40+ pounds since starting there in 2007 and that alone depresses me. I am 54 years old and also work pt for a quadriplegic and really enjoy that work. I would like to get my CNA (yes, even at my age) and work in a hospital. We shall see if this ever comes to pass. I would give up my ft job in a heart beat but deep down I don’t think it is necessarily a good idea. It is stable and secure for now but don’t know what the future will bring. I have to try and work through these 5 steps to see if it will help at all but my mind is set pretty negatively around the ft job.

    • Cynthia

      Hi Marla,

      It really does stink to dislike your job. If being a CNA is your goal, you should go for it! You can use these tips to help you stay focused on your current job while you work toward that goal, but by all means you should move one step closer to it each day. I will be watching for your post telling me you are a new CNA working in a hospital and loving it! I can visualize it, can you? Good luck!