What a Yoga Pose Taught Me About Fear

What a Yoga Pose Taught Me About Fear

Fear…it’s bigger than you think!

When you think of yoga, the last word you think of is fear. I mean, who’s afraid of yoga right? Calm, zen, peaceful yoga. It’s been an important part of my life for years.  I never dreamed that I’d face fear on my yoga mat. 
It began with Crow, a pose that I had struggled with.  It is an arm balance that requires upper body strength and for a while, it was my biggest challenge.
I spent many sessions practicing. One of those sessions was after a long day at work. My mental focus was off, and my physical strength was low too.
I ended up falling full-force and face-first into the hardwood floor. OUCH.  I had a bruised nose for a week.
It wasn’t a traumatic event, it was fall. And, if you know how to do crow you know it wasn’t a high fall.

The Hidden Fear

But, the emotional impact of that fall lasted for quite a while in my subconscious mind. I found myself one year after the fall, using a folded blanket as a cushion in case I fell from my crow pose. I didn’t ‘feel’ fear, I just responded to my inner fear subconsciously. 
It was my yoga instructor who reminded me that my upper body strength is fine now; my crow pose is strong. No blanket needed, he said.  It wasn’t until he pointed out that I was still using the blanket, that I even realized I was doing it.  I was holding on to a fear that I was unwilling to let go.
After class I started to think about how often fear consumes us. Fear of failure, fear of the unknown, fear of repercussions. And, in my case, the fear of falling flat on my face!  Even fears we are blind to hold us back. 
Fear is nothing more than something we hold on to to avoid taking chances.
Think about your own life. Is fear holding you back? Are you holding on to past hurts and mistakes? It’s time to let it all go.
Letting go of the fear will free you to move forward in your life, reach your goals, and find happiness. I finally pushed that blanket aside and did the pose without it. And, I didn’t fall again…although, I did kind of crash a handstand…but, nobody’s perfect. 
What will you push aside? What fear are you willing to let go of?

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  1. Janet Winschel

    Wonderful article; wonderfully written and such a true perspective. Good job. Hope you’re doing well!

    • Cynthia

      Janet, thanks so much. I’m glad you like the post; it is a perspective that you would understand! You have always worked through your fears like a champ.