“Cynthia Corsetti has the perfect balance of business acumen and compassion. Change is not comfortable whether career or personal. It often times takes an independent perspective to see the barriers to growth that are, most commonly, self-imposed. Cynthia sees through that which can feel complex and confusing and, in a simple process, take a person to tangible results.”


Creative On Marketing

“Cynthia is an outstanding executive coach and a pleasure to interact with.  Working with Cynthia I have come to understand the difference between true leadership and merely management.  Her insight has allowed me to look at interpersonal relations in new ways that I had not considered before.  Cynthia has helped me to become a better leader in a short time.”




“If you’re struggling with your career or your life just isn’t going the way you had planned, then I highly recommend Cynthia Corsetti – she has made such a big difference in my life. I ended up changing careers and I am so much happier now. I don’t think I would have had the guts to do it without Cynthia’s encouragement. Looking inside at what gives you fulfillment is really important. Having the guidance to get there is what makes all the difference in the world.”


Marketing & Communications,
Television Production, On-Camera Talent,

Cynthia helped me to become organized. The tools, tips and organizational ‘hints’ helped me gain time during my day, while taking on more assignments in my diverse role as a project manager. She taught me how to communicate more efficiently with my supervisors and my staff. Lastly, she helped me visualize my personal goals and to communicate them with my family to help create a better life outside of work. Cynthia is truly a professional. She has helped my career and work-life balance immensely. I would strongly recommend her training to anyone who is a project manager.
Loren Anderson

Project Manager Senior Manager, Technical Affairs and Special Projects, Marcellus Shale Coalition

Cynthia is world class mover and shaker who knows how to stimulate business to be more profitable and motivate employees to maximize their performance and potential. I’ve known Cynthia for two years as my primary contact within C.E.C. She is a perfectionist who demands excellence and is willing to coach others towards achieving it. Her professionalism is top-notch and her ability to assess a situation, deal with the facts, think outside of the box and problem-solve is first-rate! It is no surprise Cynthia is a success as well as those whom she influences.
Christopher Flickenger

Vice President

“Working with Cynthia has been a wonderful eye opening experience.  She has a way of helping you step back to look at yourself from a different perspective and to see how a simple shift in your approach can change others perspective of you as well.  She has really helped me grow as a leader at the office, but also as a husband and a father at home.”



“Cynthia’s insights on growing my online business was very helpful. She gave me ideas on how to both improve my website and increase my online presence by publishing consistent engaging content. My MLM business has been steadily growing since that coffee chat with Cynthia. I highly recommend Cynthia, she is an expert in her field.”


“Working with Cynthia has given me a new perspective and invaluable insights which has helped take my coaching/ leadership game to the next level. I was a bit skeptical at first but quickly realized the benefits.  I apply the skills I have learned  almost daily to work and other day to day life situations. The difference is amazing!”




Cynthia is a true professional in every sense of the word, and is a pleasure to work with. Her energy and enthusiasm are boundless, and she has a knack for getting people to work together.
Peter May

Freelance Writer and Content Marketing Professional

Cynthia helped our Sr management team find, interview and evaluate a Sr. HR manager. Cynthia’s responsiveness and direction throughout the end process was beyond expectation.
Augustus Schroeder

President Schroeder Industries

“I can’t say enough good things about Cynthia’s style, expertise, professionalism and heart. Her brilliance is apparent in how she combines intelligence with instinct, truth and tough love, the practical and the imaginal. If you are serious about breaking through blocks and moving your life forward, particularly in the career arena, you owe it to yourself to work with Cynthia.”

Gina Mazza

“Cynthia was able to create a brief presentation for a staff meeting in a short turn around. The “Releasing Your Inner Warrior” was a great start for the day, guiding staff to identify their strengths, focus, and move forward in their personal development. Using her daily messaging resource and following her recommendations has been profitable for me personally.”


Development Director

“Cynthia’s ability to encourage and support… produces a desire to want to perform to your own highest abilities. …She has an honest interest in helping others achieve personal and professional success as well, which is an ideal quality to possess…”



Corporate Recruitment

Cynthia is all business, knows what she is talking about, isn’t afraid to be brutally honest, and does what she says she will do. Good luck finding someone that is all these things and has the range of knowledge in HR that she does…
Jeff Holmes

President, BABCOR Packaging

“…Cynthia is a go-getter who did not settle for anything less than the best. She took ideas and turned them into realities… …She is a great role model for me and provided me with an excellent first experience in the real world.”


Regional Coordinator

“Cynthia is an exceptional professional who understands and adds value to the commercial side of the business, as well as, the people side. She efficiently recruits, trains and motivates staff to exceed expectations at all levels of the organization.”


VP Finance

“Cynthia helped me when I was in a dark place and transition in my life. She helped me see my worth, guided me and made me think & do things that allowed me to remember who I was deep down.”


General Manager

Treesdale Country Club

“Cynthia is more than a friendly sounding board, more than just a teacher, more than just someone to help assess communication skills, she is all of that and more.  Working with Cynthia has helped me engage my employees, enhanced my collaborative communication with them, and helped me better balance my obligations as a leader and the personal time that we all deserve.”


Vice President


“Over the last year, Cynthia has provided her coaching expertise to me many times. Cynthia’s many years of professional coaching shined through as she asked probing questions that encouraged me to reflect more deeply and move to more decisive, well-informed actions. She is exceptional at fostering creative thought and encouraging clients to act courageously. But it doesn’t stop there with Cynthia – in a supportive manner she holds one accountable and celebrates success with you. I most highly recommend her to anyone!”




“Cynthia is one of the finest executive coaches I’ve ever met. In higher education, I have been fortunate to work with many professionals that focus on career coaching, life coaching, and consulting for c-level executives – I can say without hesitation that Cynthia is at the top. She brings a terrific background having not only managed human resources but also helped grow many entrepreneurial organizations. Cynthia understands people, is extremely trustworthy, and works tirelessly to ensure clients are successful. I feel like there are many coaches out there with varying levels of expertise; Cynthia has deep business experience and truly brings a perspective for many managers in technical and non-technical areas to put it all together. My advice? Hire her- will be one of the best decisions you can make.”


Senior Director Chief Data Governance Officer


Evolving into an executive leader proved particularly challenging, especially in my professional career at the age of 33. Cynthia helped me to see newfound possibilities in my life and manage that change in a positive, transformative way. She helped me focus and see issues from a healthier prospective then quickly and efficiently develop personalized techniques in communication, decision making, managing emotions and time management. As a result, I have renewed motivation and have set achievable goals.
Matthew P. Hourihan

P.E., Principal, Civil & Environmental Consultants, Inc.

Cynthia has coached my staff to be more professional, positive, organized and—most importantly—work as a team. Her professionalism is beyond words. She is truly gifted when it comes to communication and helping others be the best they can be— as a person and as a professional. I am grateful to have had the pleasure of knowing and working with her, and was very pleased with the outcome.
Brian K. Bortz

CEO, Doctor’s First, Inc.