Goal Tending

Tending to Your Goals

Goals aren’t just for hockey players anymore! Did you know an exercise as simple as writing them down can help you progress your career? I know you’ve heard that before, right?  Any decent career coach will tell you that writing goals is a necessary part of progress. But — do you do it?
I tell my clients that everything they do in a day should move them closer to a goal. Whether it be toward a long-term or a short-term goal, your actions should move you closer.

Professional Success Mean Personal Happiness

Remember it is easier to attain personal desires once you achieve professional goals. They serve your road map to success. Can’t buy that new house unless you succeed at work, right? You’re catching on.
Sometimes it is best to start small. Try writing down two goals each week. The first one should be personal, the second should be professional. Ask yourself some questions about these goals you have set:
*Is it something that matters to me? *Will completing it provide me with some benefit? *Will the goal help me avoid a loss? *Am I willing to commit the time and resources necessary? Does anyone else need to know about this??

Start Small

Next, break it into small pieces. If your weekly personal goal is to clean the basement, you have to make a choice. Will you procrastinate, delegate, or do it?
Think of things that can hold you back. In other words, what might you use as an excuse? Do you need any special items; have you prepared a shopping list?   Have you reflected on what you’ve accomplished to close your day on a positive note? Embracing smaller goals help make the larger ones manageable.
Achieving results will help you find success, and written goals will make it happen. Don’t make success harder: Start writing!

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