“My job is sucking the soul out of me.”

“I feel like work stress follows me home.”

“I feel like I’m trapped in my career, like I have no options.”

These are phrases I hear all the time from my clients.
And I understand! I hear the same thing every day from people just like you. In fact, I used to be just like you. Your job is fine, it pays the bills, but … that’s all it does. You’re dragging at the beginning of the day and emotionally zoned out at the end. No time to cook that nutritious dinner you wanted … and exercise … well that takes more energy than you can muster. As day ends, you find yourself whipping up frozen fish sticks and pouring a glass of wine. And really? Fish sticks and wine? This is NOT how you imagined your life. Not even close! The thought of the next five years being exactly the same makes you cringe. Yep, I get it.  And, here’s the thing… It doesn’t have to stay this way.

There is a way to find direction, a plan, a new career that you love – in a matter of weeks!


• Doing work that is engaging and fulfilling. You’re excited to start your day and you feel emotionally fulfilled at the end.

• Working in an environment where you feel your contributions are recognized and people come to you because you’re someone to look up to.

• Having a career that serves a greater purpose, where you participate in positive change in the world. Your job aligns with your values and you are energized.

• What would it be like to have engaging and dynamic conversations with co-workers, as you all focused on a common goal. No gossip, no backstabbing, just positive collaboration.

 And after work?

• How awesome will it be to have energy to live that healthier lifestyle you’ve always dreamed of? The one you’ve ignored because work zaps all of your energy?

• A life where you wake up in the morning and smile … as soon as you open your eyes.

 HOW is this possible?

By uncovering your real passion.

We change as we get older (no kidding right?) – I’m not talking about wrinkles and sore joints, this is bigger … our goals, our dreams and our priorities evolve. It happens so slowly we don’t even notice it. We’re caught up paying bills, saving for retirement, covering the mortgage. We know something’s missing and we replace it with lack of energy, trouble sleeping, headaches and anxiety – which has a cost physically, as well as emotionally. Unless we find a way to break the cycle, things will never change. It’s up to you. There’s NO REASON TO STAY STUCK. My signature coaching program – is the ticket to your next career. Introducing…

A 4-month hybrid coaching program.

A hybrid program means you’ll get a combination of an online course AND exclusive private coaching sessions with me serving as your personal guide.

You start with Phase I, where you’ll have access to a 10-week online video course that’s designed to take you through a journey of self-discovery.

What does that mean?

It means:

• You’ll uncover fears that keep you stuck. (These are hidden fears, not the obvious.)

• And you know that voice in your head that tells you NOT to go for what you want, the one that tells you you’ll fail? You’ll learn how to quiet that voice … for good.

• You’ll learn to hear the stronger voice, the one that’s deeper inside, that has the right answer … you’ve just never recognized it.

• You’re going to discover your CORE values, and understand why they are a critical part of your next career decision.

As you progress in your journey you’ll …

Create a list of realistic career options that can change your life.

• Learn to “investigate” your options to focus in on the best one.

Build habits that will keep you motivated during your discovery and job search.

Here’s a look at the Modules in Phase I:


Week One

Assess Your Life

Week Two

Face Your Fears

Week Three

Midlife Career Change Fears

Week Four

Tame The Saboteur

Week Five

Identify Core Values

Week Six

Heed Your Inner Wisdom

Week Seven

Rediscover Your Dreams

Week Eight

Create Laser Focus

Week Nine

Taking a Test Drive

Week Ten

Motivation to Stay on Track

Also during Phase I, you’ll get 3 one-hour private coaching calls to help you dig deeper and gain more perspective, unlimited email access, and a members area to post comments.

Then you move to Phase II. After you complete the video course section, you’ll move into Phase II. For the next two months we’ll have bi-weekly coaching calls (1-hour each) where we’ll take everything you’ve uncovered in Phase I and build a plan to incorporate it into your life. We’ll work together to position you for the career or business that you choose. Together, we’ll take your dream and make it an actionable plan.



Video Training Course

Free Yourself Be Yourself video course – As soon as you register, you’ll get instant access to the complete 10-part video training course. This self-study portion will allow you to move at your own pace.

Exclusive Material

Complimentary workbooks and journal prompts to deepen your learning as you move through the program – And your access to the video course never expires so you can go back to it anytime you want additional clarity.

Coaching Calls

3 – one hour private coaching calls – It’s always great to have a partner to help you dig deeper.

Unlimited Email Access

Unlimited email access.

Extra Calls

3 – fifteen-minute check-in calls – for those times when email just isn’t enough!


More Coaching Calls

4 – one hour private coaching calls – because self-discovery is most beneficial when you can turn it into action!

Personalized Assignments

Personalized assignments to keep you moving between the calls.

Unlimited Email Support

Unlimited email support throughout both Phase I and Phase II.

Check-In Calls

3 (15 minute) check-in calls – because genius is spontaneous, you never know when you’ll want to check in with your coach!


Cynthia’s “Free Yourself to Be Yourself” program has helped me to gain a clearer picture of all aspects of my life. The improved focus allows me to not be so overwhelmed by the idea of making a change in my work life and to better understand, and quiet, judgmental fearful voices that can make me doubt myself. The combination of videos and workbook are ideal for introduction of a topic and then having a path to follow as you work through the concepts and apply them to your own life. I would highly recommend “Free Yourself to Be Yourself” to those looking for a career change, considering retiring, or those like myself who are refining their volunteer work and life now that they are retired.

I am five weeks into the curriculum and feel like I have gained a lot of perspective from the material.  I have a better idea of what is important to me and how I can move forward.  Cynthia’s background gives her terrific insights and she has been an excellent resource on this journey.
Anita Daniels

When I started working with Cynthia I had contemplated constructing a resume I had been a self employed business owner for 35 years. A local resume company referred me to Cynthia to assist me to focus on a career direction. Her program has forced me to dig deeper to refine and refocus my life career direction. Cynthia was a very enthusiastic coach and leader as she helped me work through my individual course. I would definitely recommend Cynthia, her expertise, compassion, energy to aid in executing her program to anyone that is suffering from after midlife halftime. She will always challenge you in all facets of the process. Whatever stage you may be in trying to decide where you path should lay.
David Burdette


Ready to Get Started?

  If you’re ready to BREAK FREE of the rut you’ve been stuck in for years… And you’re ready to do the work to make it happen... I’m inviting you to apply for a FREE Discovery Call with me!
Why “apply”? Because it’s important to know if the program is the right fit for you. It’s not for everyone. Free Yourself Be Yourself is so powerful that I can only invite people who are ready to make a change NOW.

Free Yourself Be Yourself is for you IF…

• You’re fed up with the status quo, you don’t want to take it for one… more… day. • You’re ready to do the work necessary to break free. • You want a better life, one where you feel engaged and empowered. • You dream of making a difference and impacting the world around you. • You want to take back your life, let go of the stress. • You KNOW there is more for you, and you want it NOW.

It may NOT be for you IF:

• If you’re not ready to commit to change now. • If your only interest in changing careers is to make more money. • If self-discovery makes you yawn.
This isn’t about finding a job (although we position you for that too). It is about finding your passion – once and for all. Free Yourself Be Yourself is for people who are Ready to break free, commit to a new future and say good-bye to the status quo. A discovery call isn’t for people who “might like a different future”. It’s for people who “INSIST on a different future”. If you’re ready, let’s get on that call. For 50 minutes, we’ll explore where you are and why you want out, and we’ll discuss your dreams and goals. Together, we will determine if Free Yourself Be Yourself is the right fit. And if it is – the journey begins … and we’ll spend the next four months recreating your life, your career, and your future … together. It all starts here. Click the link, fill out the application and then you’re on your way to my personal calendar … that’s it! Super simple. Let’s do this.