Executive Coaching

I get it.. you’ve got deadlines, budgets, productivity numbers, and quarterly reports; it’s enough to cover 60 hours a week… on a good week.

So, WHY can’t managing the “people” part be easy… right? You’re a good leader, a smart person… you’re easy to get along with, but still people on your team drop the ball.

How are you supposed to “develop” them when you don’t have time to think some days?

It’s simple actually, you just need the right executive coach… who will help you uncover the EXACT skills necessary to:

  • Spend less time on people issues
  • Get higher quality results
  • Eliminate Bullshit – pardon the language, but you know you deal with it… every day.

If you’ve wondered if coaching is right for you, I invite you to Schedule a complimentary Executive Strategy Session.

It’s a free one-hour deep dive into YOUR goals, and your obstacles.

Together we determine if executive coaching is right for you.


Working with Cynthia has been a wonderful eye opening experience.  She has a way of helping you step back to look at yourself from a different perspective and to see how a simple shift in your approach can change others perspective of you as well.  She has really helped me grow as a leader at the office, but also as a husband and a father at home. Ryan D. Dunning


Working with Cynthia has given me a new perspective and invaluable insights which has helped take my coaching/ leadership game to the next level. I was a bit skeptical at first but quickly realized the benefits.  I apply the skills I have learned  almost daily to work and other day to day life situations. The difference is amazing! John Hock

Vice President, P.E.

Cynthia is an outstanding executive coach and a pleasure to interact with.  Working with Cynthia I have come to understand the difference between true leadership and merely management.  Her insight has allowed me to look at interpersonal relations in new ways that I had not considered before.  Cynthia has helped me to become a better leader in a short time. H. Thomas Walsh

Principal, P.G.


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