The Concept of Temporary

The Concept of Temporary

Life Stages are Temporary

Life stages are temporary, and recently I was reminded of that fact. My daughter is a recent law school graduate with a newly minted JD successful bar exam under her belt. However, she is not working as a lawyer just yet. The legal field is a tough market and in our area especially, there are far more lawyers than there are positions.

At times when she talks to me I hear a tone in her voice  s if she feels her entire degree is worthless and law school was a huge mistake. The competition is extreme and her anxiety is valid.  As a coach I would never allow a client to go down that road; as a mom, my heart breaks hearing her stress. However, I have the benefit of years of experience to remind me that everything is temporary.

Keep it in perspective

Remembering that everything is temporary, provides solace for me. It makes me appreciate every moment in my life just a little more. It also allows me to feel less stress about current circumstances; no matter what they are.

We only have now

Ekhart Tolle explains it so clearly in The Power of Now.  If you love your job right this minute, enjoy it! Make the most of it and take every experience in so that you can grow. Eventually, that position will no longer exist. You may get a promotion, you may make a transition, or maybe you will retire, but ultimately it will no longer exist. So while you are there, be there. Be present. Be mindful; and experience each moment.

Challenges are temporary too. A dear friend of mine battled breast cancer several years back. It was a horrible time for her. The life she had known before her cancer was over and would never return. From that diagnosis forward everything was different. She has been cancer free now for over five years so now she can look back on that battle and she can see that it too, as horrible as it was,  was temporary.

Accept the challenge to stay focused

The concept of temporary leaves some people feeling defeated; I urge you not to be one of them. I my case, I feel energized by it. I feel responsible to enjoy the good health that I am blessed with at this moment in time. It reminds me to appreciate evert moment as a mom, and as a step mom (even if they are grown).  It reminds me to be mindful in every day things.

Wherever you are in your life right this moment, a good place, a bad place, or even an uneventful place; be there. You are here for a reason. Take in the experience, breathe deeply, and learn everything that you can. Learn the spiritual lessons that this particular moment in time is trying to teach. Don’t think about next year or last year. Focus on today. Peace is there for you today right now and you will find it the moment that you accept the concept of temporary.






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