Are You Under-Employed?

Are You Under-Employed?

I took a tour of a client’s office this morning. It was a very impressive place. There were meeting rooms, team rooms, and board rooms. There was activity in each of these areas and as I watched, I couldn’t help but wonder how each of these individuals ended up there. In fact, how do any of us end up in our position?

Sometimes we find ourselves in a “job” search. We become employed to pay the bills and we are not in a position to be selective. Other times we end up in positions because we knew someone who needed someone and the next thing we know we are showing up on Monday morning.

How often do we step back and actually ask ourselves the question – is this all I can do? Think about it, have you fallen into a rut? You are not growing, not learning, and are not challenged. You are going through your day focused on tasks. You complete one task and move on to the next. Then you go home. You don’t hate it, you don’t love it. It just … is.

If you are in a rut, it might be because you are under-employed. You have talents, skills, and expertise that your current employer isn’t tapping into. That leaves you with a choice, assuming you don’t want to stay under-employed.  Do you step it up and get noticed where you are or do you start looking for a new position?

Scan your current work environment; are there opportunities for you to stretch? Is there room to grow? How can you get on the fast track of opportunity? What skills have you gained since you were first hired?  How much would your current company value those new skills? Do they recognize that you’ve acquired them?

Next, rewrite your resume. Take a fresh look at the professional you have become over the past five years. Even if you have no intention of sending the resume to anyone, it is a good exercise for you to take a personal inventory of your skills and experience.

Finally, ask yourself this, what could I do with these skills? Where could I expand my opportunities and stretch my skill set? How can I grow? Can I do it here, or do I need to look elsewhere?

Once you answer those questions you should have some clarity. Now, create a vividly detailed picture of that career (and life) in your mind. Focus on it with every detail. You are painting a picture in your subconscious mind. Creating and replaying this picture in your mind is a critical part of reaching the goal.

Start paying attention to your intuition. Because you have opened your mind, you will notice doors opening. Take the chance, walk through those doors, and never be under-employed again.

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