💪 Mastering the Art of Managing Up

Are you feeling lost in the corporate maze?

Struggling to communicate your needs to your manager?

Or perhaps you’ve grappled with understanding how to support your supervisor effectively?

This disconnect between you and your manager can create frustration, hinder your career growth, and even lead to a toxic work environment.

It feels like a problem without a solution.

But I’ve got your back. Today, we will uncover the secrets of “Managing Up.”

By learning to manage up, you’ll gain confidence, a better understanding of your workplace dynamics, and a supportive partnership with your leadership.

There are four main reasons people don’t do a better job of managing up.

Reason #1: Lack of clear communication
Reason #2: Fear of appearing overly ambitious
Reason #3: Misunderstanding the manager’s expectations
Reason #4: Failing to recognize the mutual benefits

You can overcome these challenges and learn how to manage up effectively, enhancing your professional relationship with your manager.

Here are some things you can do:

🎤 Communicate Clearly and Boldly with Your Manager
Transparency is key. Being open about your needs is not a weakness; it’s a strength that fosters collaboration.

Schedule regular check-ins to discuss your goals, share your progress, and request support when needed.

Remember, they can’t read your mind and are too busy to be involved in your day-to-day progress.

Show up with clear expectations. Tell them what you’re struggling with, what you’ve already tried, and exactly what type of support you’re looking for.

🫶 Support Your Manager’s Needs and Success
Unfortunately, many people don’t manage up effectively because they misunderstand the concept or are afraid of overstepping boundaries.

It’s not about manipulation or self-promotion. Managing up is a two-way process.

Understand your manager’s goals and offer support. Remember, they are also under pressure. By learning to support them effectively, you become their go-to person.

And that sets the stage for YOUR growth within the organization.

Provide timely updates on projects or volunteer for tasks that align with their objectives, even if those tasks are outside your scope of work.

🧑‍🤝‍🧑Foster a Cohesive, Professional Relationship
Building a strong connection with your manager can lead to a more satisfying and successful work life.

Regularly engaging in honest dialogue, showing empathy, and understanding your manager’s needs will establish trust and collaboration.

🪞 The Mirror Strategy: Reflect to Connect

Believe it or not, your manager is human too, which means they also appreciate acknowledgment and validation. The ‘Mirror Strategy’ is simple but impactful.

Whenever you receive positive feedback or achieve a notable milestone, take a moment to reflect the credit back onto your manager.

Express how their support or a specific piece of advice contributed to this success. This creates a positive feedback loop and strengthens the mutual respect in your working relationship.

Building Strong Leaders

Mastering the art of ‘Managing Up’ isn’t merely about personal career advancement; it represents a cornerstone in leadership development that can profoundly affect an entire organization.

As leaders become adept at managing up, they not only enhance their own capabilities but also set an example that encourages future leaders to cultivate these valuable skills.

The ripple effect is a stronger, more resilient organization, ready to thrive in the ever-changing business landscape, with a succession pipeline that is rich, prepared, and aligned with organizational goals and values.

Apply these steps, and you’ll find yourself navigating the corporate world with confidence and success.

You’ve got this!

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