⏳ Master Your Meetings: Reclaim Your Time

Have you ever walked out of a meeting feeling like you’ve just lost hours of your life you’ll never get back, with no tangible progress to show for it?

Today, I will introduce you to game-changing strategies to turn your meetings from monotonous time drains into dynamic, results-driven collaborations.

Because let’s face it, a lot of meetings are…

Time sucks.

It happens because most of us make the same mistakes. 

  • Lack of pre-reads: Failing to send crucial information beforehand.
  • No defined outcome: Starting without a clear goal.
  • Ignoring technology: Not utilizing tools like Otter.ai for recording and summarizing.
  • Poor follow-through: Leaving without clear action items.
  • Not respecting time:Meetings that overrun, disrespecting participants’ schedules.

So, let’s dig in with some fixes that can transform your meetings (starting today).

One: 📖 Utilize Pre-reads

Pre-reads are key documents and insights sent to participants before the meeting. This allows participants to digest the information and come prepared with questions and insights.

Now, your meeting can be spent focusing on decision-making rather than information sharing.

Two: 👓 Start with a Clear Outcome

Begin each meeting by stating one to three desired outcomes – Sounds obvious, right?

When you state the outcomes at the beginning of the meeting, it’s easier to keep people focused and on topic.

Three: 🦦 Leverage Modern Tools like Otter.ai

Taking notes in a meeting is distracting.

Use tools like Otter.ai to record and summarize each meeting.

This not only ensures that key insights are captured but also provides a reference for those who couldn’t attend or need to revisit the discussion.

Four:Be Respectful of time and input

Encourage an environment where everyone’s time and input are valued.

This includes sticking to the agenda, encouraging diverse opinions, and following through on commitments made during the meeting.

And, one more thing. END ON TIME.

Developing the leaders you lead:

The skills and strategies outlined in this newsletter aren’t just about making meetings more productive; they’re critical components in developing a leadership culture that drives organizational success.

By applying these strategies, you’re not only enhancing collaboration; you’re creating an environment where leadership qualities are nurtured and thrive.

📚 By encouraging preparation, you’re instilling a sense of responsibility and critical thinking.

🎯 Clear outcomes teach goal-setting and focus, attributes that every leader needs. It also establishes a shared purpose, fostering team alignment.

🦦 Embracing technology demonstrates adaptability and forward-thinking, key characteristics of innovative leaders. Do this, and you’re setting an example for the next generation of leaders to be tech-savvy and resourceful.

⏰ Respectful, inclusive meetings create an environment where diverse talents can flourish. By cultivating this culture, you’re nurturing potential leaders.

By applying these strategies, you’re empowering the current leadership team to set examples that inspire the next generation of leaders.

It’s about building a continuum of leadership that ensures long-term success, growth, and a robust succession plan that aligns with the organization’s values and vision.


Rethinking meetings is about embracing a fresh approach that leverages pre-reads, clear outcomes, modern tools, and a culture of respect.

These strategies aren’t just about better meetings; they’re about creating a collaborative culture that drives success.

Smart meetings = Strong results = Solid bench

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