Right Livelihood and Life Coaching


It only stands to reason that what you do in your work and how you live outside of work are intricately connected. The things you care about and the values that you hold dear carry over into both parts of your life, or at least they should.

Furthermore, who you are and what you value and feel passionate about should also inform your career choice. After all, life’s far too short to not do something that you love, or to feel that you’re making a contribution towards something that you want to see succeed.

So how do you get from where you currently are to where you want to be? It’s not always easy or simple. Sometimes (especially when making crucial decisions), you need support. Not just any support but guidance from a seasoned pro who can offer an unbiased perspective, someone who’s been down the road and can shine a light on the direction ahead.


“I had made a decision to pursue a new career direction but for the first time, I was leaving one position without having another yet secured. Cynthia agreed to assist me in creating and managing a process for finding my next great opportunity. Within 90 days of our work together, I was starting an executive level position in a new industry. Cynthia helped me establish short- and long-term priorities, create a vision for what I wanted, encouraged me to find small victories along the way and stay committed to the work that needed to be done, and to believe in a positive outcome. I will always be grateful for her approach and would recommend anyone considering an important career move to work with her.”

David Bissaillon, Director of Sales and Marketing, Sweetwood of Williamstown Retirement Living Community

You deserve to enjoy the career you are meant to have, and nothing less.

Times of transition—in your career or in life—are the perfect junctures to work with a professional coach. These critical periods can happen when you least expect them—through an unplanned job loss, for example—or can build slowly, as in the case of a toxic work environment that has become unbearable.

Yet have you considered that change can be proactively created to place you into a situation that is better, more satisfying, more YOU? I help clients do just this through a process called Co-Active Career Coaching. As I guide and support you while you explore your options, this coaching model will provide you with the very tools you will need to make the best decisions for your future.

As your right livelihood coach, I will:

Utilize the highly effective Co-Active Career Coaching process as a template for you to design your professional future.

Provide you with career and personality assessments so you can clearly see all of your options.

Set achievable and measurable goals.

Encourage and validate you through the fear and anxiety that can often accompany career changes.

Explore self-sabotaging thoughts and behaviors that may prevent you from achieving your desired outcome.

Help you to introspect and determine if the job offer you’ve received is truly aligned with your personal values.

Applaud and stand with you as your reach your goals.

Heads up, Millennials! If you are a college student, coaching can help you choose the right major, create your personal brand, and ultimately help you land your most coveted job. Special student rates are available.

Take the next step towards achieving your life’s work with the peace of mind of knowing that you’ve acted wisely. Call me today, and together we can craft a plan that ignites your passion and is worthy of your engagement and energy. Our journey together will help you make a change with complete confidence and clarity.

“My gosh, where to start! When I found myself out of work for the first time in 20+ years, Cynthia was immediately there for me. From career coaching and counseling to straight-up ‘forget about the past, focus on your future,’ she was at my side until I was afforded a position of greater pay and position.”

Bill Milligan, Individual and Family Services Professional, Weiblinger’s Residential Care, Inc.


So what will our “life work” together afford you? Well, what if I said that you could wake up one morning and find yourself living the life you’ve always dreamed of—or, better yet, living a life above and beyond your ability to even imagine it? This would be the life that you know deep inside you’re capable of having, the one that’s the right fit for you. Now, what if I told you that you have the power to create that life, regardless of your past or present circumstances?

The truth is, you DO have the power to design your future exactly how you want it to be. In our coaching together, you will learn how to get there from here. You will come to experience that your thoughts, choices, moods and even the stories you tell yourself are the actual “materials” that are creating your reality. Once you’re able to let go of the limiting patterns and behaviors, the sky’s the limit!

Along the way, I will help you do the following:

Better apply all the knowledge you’ve already acquired in your life.

Create a winning strategy to reach your professional and personal goals.

Identify and obliterate thought patterns that hold you back.

Learn to master your emotions and use them constructively.

Stop being stymied by others’ opinions of you and your life.

Overcome habits that sabotage your success and happiness.

Find your own sense of work/life balance while preserving space for yourself.

Make healthier, more positive choices in all major aspects of your life.

Improve your time management skills and become more productive.

Find new ways to solve problems.

Improve the relationships that are important to you.

Build your confidence and courage.

Become more conscious of your thoughts, behaviors and actions.

Experience more joy and contentment in your life.

If you are ready to take responsibility for your actions and intentionally design your future, let’s work together starting today to begin your transformation. Even if you aren’t sure how to begin, rest assured that life coaching is the crucial first step toward taking control of today and transforming your life going forward.