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I’m Cynthia (and this is Pooch) – I’m a master interviewer, dog lover and Certified Executive Coach with more than 2,000 hours of direct coaching experience. I help people make bold career changes in any stage of life.

As with any type of change, it’s not easy, but living out your dream IS possible… Here’s how I can help you make it happen…


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“If you’re struggling with your career or your life just isn’t going the way you had planned, then I highly recommend Cynthia Corsetti.”




Your future is NOT about what you want to do next... It's about who you want to be.

It’s about more than a job search.

It’s about finding the RIGHT job, the one that fits you… like your favorite jeans fit you…

YES, it’s possible… even probable.

Take a look at these stories from members of the community who created a life they loved with my help.


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