Meet Cynthia


First, my credentials:

Master’s Degree in Organizational Leadership

Senior Professional Human Resources (SPHR) and SHRM-SCP

Certified Professional Executive Coach with 1,800 hours of coaching

Seasoned professional with 15 years of executive leadership experience

First female vice president in a national engineering firm

“Cynthia is a true professional in every sense of the word, and is a pleasure to work with. Her energy and enthusiasm are boundless, and she has a knack for getting people to work together.”

Peter May, Freelance Writer and Content Marketing Professional

Now, the gifts that makes me uniquely qualified to coach today’s leaders:

A laser-focused ability to see the obstacles, reflect this “data” back to you and make recommendations for change.

The ability to identify future leaders of an organization, as well as enhance, deepen and illuminate the skills of the current leaders.

A knack for navigating the critical areas of conflict resolution, negotiation and communication skills, and other capabilities that not only positively impact the bottom line but ultimately direct and inspire success in every aspect of life.

And finally, my deeply held convictions:

My sincere and total passion for helping leaders become their best allows me to do it well.

I value integrity, a strong work ethic and equal rights for all humans.

I believe that success isn’t an entitlement but rather a gift for those willing to work.

I take my own advice. I’ve spent years doing the internal work necessary to arrive at a place where I understand the importance of honoring personal values in the workplace and appreciating work/life balance.

My promise to you:

As your coach, I am honored to serve, quite simply yet powerfully, as a force that will help you break through blockages—both self-imposed and in your external circumstances. Together, we will achieve this through one-on-one coaching, weekend retreats, group workshops and online courses that use proven co-active coaching skills and leadership development techniques. Many options and price points are available to make coaching work for your organization.