Executive Coaching and Consulting



“Cynthia is all business, knows what she is talking about, isn’t afraid to be brutally honest, and does what she says she will do. Good luck finding someone that is all these things and has the range of knowledge in HR that she does. If you cannot afford to hire a person of her knowledge and abilities, contracting with her for what you can afford is the next best thing.”

Jeff Holmes, President, BABCOR Packaging

As a Certified Coach with proven expertise in organizational leadership, HR and executive training in engineering and other fields, I can help you take the skills that you already have and make you a better leader than you already are. My niche is C-suite executives, entrepreneurs, and senior-level managers who have proven track records but want to continue to grow and improve.

Together we will refine your abilities to organize, delegate, communicate and motivate to a higher degree. Once you do this, your leaders will be leading more effectively, which means not just better results for your company but also more work/life balance for you.

After all, as a leader, it’s true that you’re all about developing your teams, making sound decisions, increasing productivity, directing goals and inspiring others towards peak performance. Yet what about your highest desires, the one’s outside the spreadsheets and evaluation forms?

What if you could work less and increase your productivity while also making more money and positively impacting the bottom line? What would you do with more free time? Spend more time with your family? Start a new venture? Travel and take guilt-free vacations?

As your coach, I will:

Serve as your sounding board as you contemplate actions in real time.

Help you recognize and eliminate blind spots.

Refocus you when you fall into counterproductive thought patterns.

Guide you as you learn to manage your own inner-saboteur.

Assist you as you apply the knowledge you are gaining in real life situations.

Create strategies for you to align your personal values with your organizational goals to improve engagement, resulting in true work/life balance that fits your life and your goals, including family time.

My Authentic Coaching Process:

Our work together will essentially include:

1. A measurable starting place using a 360 feedback tool.

2. Developing self-awareness, self-management and relationship management.

3. Enhancing conflict resolution and critical communication skills, which will show measurable improvement.

4. Real-time, hands-on coaching to help you through YOUR challenges, not a canned one-size-fits-all program.

5. Creating a plan for long-term personal and organizational goal achievement.

Focus Area: Coaching for Engineers:

My experience as an executive in a national engineering firm has given me specific insight to the needs of engineers. I recognize that the very strengths that make solid technical professionals can be a double-edged sword in taking that analytical thought process down to productive and enhanced communication. I am able to coach engineers in a way that brings the opposite side of the brain to the table, which will set your team apart from leaders trained by other engineers.

“Evolving into an executive leader proved particularly challenging, especially in my professional career at the age of 33. Cynthia helped me to see newfound possibilities in my life and manage that change in a positive, transformative way. She helped me focus and see issues from a healthier prospective then quickly and efficiently develop personalized techniques in communication, decision making, managing emotions and time management.
As a result, I have renewed motivation and have set achievable goals.”

Matthew P. Hourihan, P.E., Principal, Civil & Environmental Consultants, Inc.

A word about executive coaching:

It is not remedial coaching. It’s meant for high achievers who want to become more engaged with a better work/life balance. Co-Active coaching is a specific style of coaching that will help you grow personally and professionally. My role as your coach is to help you to look within to deepen your learning from every experience and to continue pushing you forward in personal and organizational goals. The introspection that you gain from coaching will remain with you and will be called upon for years to come.

Your coaching time with me will be confidential and convenient. Sessions are done by phone and are flexible to accommodate your busy schedule. Quarterly on-site coaching days are optional. Call today to find out how our work together can transform your life and career.