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Ace the Interview

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What does Monday feel like to you?


If that dreaded alarm clock goes off and it’s all you can do to schlep to the coffee pot and begrudgingly head off to work…it may be time to make a change.

But the thought of searching and interviewing can feel terrifying, murky and downright impossible. You wonder, why does it have to be this hard?


Do What Works.

Gain Clarity

It’s easy to have Shiny object syndrome when you start a job search. We’ll help you gain clarity on the exact right job, allowing you to stay laser focused on your target..


Ace the Interview

You’re a great candidate. And having top-notch interview skills will allow you to showcase just how good you are! It’s too important to leave to chance

Land the Job

Never dread Monday again. Land the job that inspires and challenges you. Be in control of your career. 

Create a future that makes you proud.

  • Accept the right job INSTEAD OF the first offer that comes along.
  • Command the interview room INSTEAD OF feeling nervous and anxious
  • Harness your time INSTEAD OF never having enough


Courtney’s Story

Robin’s Story

Are you ready to land your dream job? 

Are you tired of…

…searching countless job boards as it hijacks your free time…
…sending out resumes and hearing crickets…
…paralyzed by an unexpected interview question…

You’ve got what it takes to skyrocket your career, but….first you have to get in the door…and that’s how I can help.

Here’s How We’ll Make it Happen

1. Register for Boot Camp

Click the button below to register and gain instant access to The Job Search Boot Camp. You’ll get instructions on how to join the weekly coaching calls, and you’ll become a part of the Boot Camp Community.

Move forward with confidence knowing you’ll end up in the perfect role for you.



2. Complete the Modules

You can dive in and go through the entire program at your own pace. Plus you’ll have 6 weekly group coaching calls so you can ask questions and get help as you need it. 

The coursework and the coaching calls will leave you feeling completely prepared for your next interview.  

3. Land the Job

With new clarity and confidence you’ll stand out from the competition. You’ll have a plan that works so you can get the job you’ve been dreaming of. 

You’ll even know which job to accept so you can feel confident that you’ve made the best choice. 



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There’s a lot of information out there and it’s hard to know who to trust.


I’m Cynthia. I understand the overwhelm of a job search. In fact, a search is like a full-time job in itself.

You’re busy. Life doesn’t just stop while you get your career figured out.

You need to make the most of your time, and resources…because, it matters.

For 20 years I’ve been on the other side of the interview table. I’ve interviewed over 2000 people in my career and now I want to share everything I’ve learned in the process.

Here’s how we’ll make this happen…

  1. First, register for the Boot Camp. You’ll receive access to all the content right away. You’ll get instructions on how to join the weekly coaching calls, and you’ll become a part of the Boot Camp Community.
  2. Next, complete the modules at your own pace. The videos were kept short to give you maximum impact with minimal time investment. You can watch as many times as you’d like as you complete exercises and practice interview questions.
  3. Finally, land your dream job. You’ll have the clarity and confidence that you’ll need to rise above the competition. You’ll end the course with a plan that works so you can land that job that you’ve been waiting for.

Everything you need to make your job search a success is right here in the Job Search Boot Camp.


Weekly Conference Calls

We’ll have a weekly conference call loaded with content you can put to use immediately. The hour call will include tools, tips and content, and even Q&As. If you miss a call, it’s okay! You can listen to the recording anytime!

Exclusive Access

You’ll have access to a Private Learning Center where you’ll find instructional videos, check-lists, resume samples and more! This is where you’ll find more information on all the topics covered in the group calls so you can learn at your own pace. You also keep your access to the learning center even after Boot Camp ends – that way you can stay up to the minute as I add new content and bonus materials!

Constant Support

You’re never alone! You’ll get CONSTANT SUPPORT from me and the community in a private member community where you can post your questions, share your search struggles and hear from others in the community who are in this with you!

VIP Discount

Boot Camp also means you get a special VIP Discount on any of my One-On-One Coaching programs – including the Interview Mastery program in case you land that BIG INTERVIEW!


Here’s what you’ll get!

Module One: Basic Training

In the Basic Training module we’ll cover three important issues in any job search.


  1. Finding Balance where you’ll uncover what balance looks like in your own life and discover the tools you need to achieve it.
  1. Crush it with Clarity– You’ll get laser focused on what’s most important to you in your own career. No more confusionabout where to go from here.
  1. Manage Your Thoughts– Ruminating and worrying can derail your job search, I’ve included a simple guided visualization to help you stay calm and relaxed during your search.

Module Two: Building Your Brand


  1. Brand Yourself to Land the Interview – You’ll discover specific tips to stand out from the crowd and get noticed.
  1. All Things Resume – Uncover the secrets for making your resume land at the top of the pile… and avoid the pitfalls that can land it in the trash.

Module Three: Interview Intensive


  1. What To Know Before The Interview – Get the inside secrets of what you need to know in order to avoid taking a job you’ll regret.
  1. Avoid the Small Talk Trap – This is one of the biggest traps in an interview and most people fall into it. You’ll have the skills to recognize it and the tools to avoid it!
  1. Interview Formats – Knowledge is power…you’ll know the ins and outs of the main types of interviews and what to expect at each…for an empowered interview experience.
  1. Interview Answers Step by Step – Have go-to answers ready for your next interview with 25 downloadable questions to practice… from real interviews!
  1. Avoiding Common Mistakes – I walk you through the mistakes that most people make that cost them the you won’t make them!


Weekly live calls are held on Mondays (to get your week off to a great start) starting at 12:00pm EST. If you miss a live call, you can listen to the recording.

Immediate access to the Online Learning Center, the minute you sign up you receive access to this vault of information. And your access is ongoing, even after your Boot Camp ends!

Immediate access to Private Member Area so you can start engaging with the community.

Immediate discounts on VIP Coaching Packages.


If you want to take control of your job search, leaving nothing to chance.

If you’re ready to leverage every available tool, including your social media profile.

If it matters to you that you find the right job,  not just accept any job.

If you want to stand out to potential employers.

If insider tips from an expert interviewer will super charge your confidence.

 And if you want to be part of an amazing support community on this journey…


Kevin Knebl

LinkedIn is the secret weapon of expert career climbers and super connectors everywhere! In this bonus module, an International Speaker, Author, and LinkedIn Expert shares a 30-minute lesson on utilizing LinkedIn in your job search! ($1000 Value)

Rachel Vallozzi

“Don’t judge a book by its cover” makes for a cute bedtime story…but in the business world, you’ve got to look the part to get the part! In this video, a popular personal stylist  tells you how to stand out with authenticity and confidence in an interview at any level! ($500 Value)

Ralph Linarelli

Ready to change careers? It may be the most important decision you ever make, but you better run the numbers. Get common-sense advice from an experienced financial planner on budgeting for a career change…downloadable budget worksheets included… ($500 Value)


"I have worked with Cynthia as a client for the past year. Through our sessions I was able to find clarity in my vision and goals, both professionally and personally.......Finally and most importantly, Cynthia has helped me to know my value -- acknowledge and identify the unique contributions that I make and not settle for less."

Stephanie G. Vanterpool MD, MBA, FASA

“If you’re struggling with your career or your life just isn’t going the way you had planned, then I highly recommend Cynthia Corsetti – she has made such a big difference in my life. I ended up changing careers and I am so much happier now. I don’t think I would have had the guts to do it without Cynthia’s encouragement. Looking inside at what gives you fulfillment is really important. Having the guidance to get there is what makes all the difference in the world.”


Marketing & Communications,
Television Production, On-Camera Talent,


Be sure to check out the FAQ section below and if you still have questions, drop me an email and I’ll get back to you as soon as possible to tell you more!

How can “group coaching” help me with my personal job search?
I’ve been coaching professionals for the last 7 years, and before that I worked as a Human Resources Executive. In that time I learned that people have the same questions, across industries and even across pay grades. The group also provides answers for questions you didn’t know you had. When combined with the online learning center and personal email access you cover ALL the bases.
Do you guarantee I’ll get a job?
I’ll guarantee that you will be prepared, confident and ready to tackle your search. I can’t guarantee you’ll find a job, only that you’ll have a good shot at it.
What happens if I miss a call?
All live sessions are recorded so you’ll be able to listen at your own convenience!
I’ve done job searches before. Why do I need help this time?
The tools you get in this Boot Camp will help you prepare for THIS job search. Each time you are in a search, the landscape is different. What worked before may not work this time.
What if I want private coaching?
As a member of Boot Camp, you’ll be eligible for VIP discounts on all private coaching packages.

Here’s What Others Are Saying…

“Cynthia has provided me with tools to dismantle fears that have been holding me back, define core values and career attributes that I align with, and honor my strengths. Turns out, I have a lot of skills and strengths that I didn’t realize!”

– Lindsey Lear

“If you are serious about breaking through blocks and moving your life forward, particularly in the career arena, you owe it to yourself to work with Cynthia.”

– Gina Mazza

“For those reading this and whom are looking for pure honest guidance – Cynthia will nurture your focus and help you find your exact career path…
That, I promise!”

– Joe Conver

Choose the plan that works best for you:

“There is so much information in the videos. I’m in the interview module now and it’s absolutely great information.

The worksheets are also a great way to get focused and to stay focused on what you want. The videos are short enough that they keep my attention.”

DAVID DiGennaro